Face to Face Games Toronto held its first major Frontier event this past Sunday, with 38 players coming out to play this exciting new format for 1k in prizes – and a box of Origins, provided by MTGfrontier.com, for the top finishing deck without any fetchlands in it. In the end, one of the format’s biggest hype men, Matt Mealing, was able to take it down with an innovative Abzan Aggro deck, defeating Daniel Fournier (hey, that’s me!) playing Rally the Ancestors in the finals.


1st – Matt Mealing – Abzan Aggro

2nd – Daniel Fournier – 4c Rally

3rd – Daniel Armchuk – Humans

4th – Alexei Varakin – Elves

5th – Sam Wong – Atarka Red

6th – Bill Irons – Grixis Dragons

7th – Jon Fine – Grixis Ensoul

8th – Jon Teigesser – 4c Rally