Jay Boosh’s Jack and Jill Fundraiser

As many of you know, Jay and Megan are finally actually getting married. Megan decided that she was sick of Jay calling her his wife without him making an honest woman out of her, and now he’s gone and put a ring on it. The two lovebirds will be getting married over labor day weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Many of you also know that Jay asked me to be his best man. After eagerly accepting, I started to go about determining what it is that I would need to do to help make Jay’s wedding amazing and unforgettable. I have planned the bachelor party for the weekend of GP Calgary on July 27th, 2013 and thanks to Manadeprived.com and Face to Face Games, I’m sure that the party will be a raging success. Information about this event can be found here.

I know that many of you are unable to attend GP Calgary due to budgets and life balances, so I wanted to make sure that you had a way to attend in spirit. We will be live streaming the karaoke from the party on my personal twitch.tv page at www.twitch.tv/mrscottymac. As the best man, it’s my responsibility to ensure that we raise some money for the wedding and the couple. As such, I felt that it was time to give our listeners a chance to congratulate the happy couple, and have brought back the Eh Team Raffle.

I will be taking all donations towards raffle prizes, and we will be taking raffle entries via PayPal at scott@neocell.ca. Entries are 5.00 each, and your name will be included in each prize draw made. The deadline for entries is August 10th, 2013. If you are not a Magic player and want to help, or if you just don’t care about the prizes, feel free to donate and add a personal message to the bride and groom. I will print them all out and add them to a card which I will present to the happy couple on their wedding day. I will start out the raffle with two prize additions. I Will be personally donating 100.00 in store credit for both Face to Face Games and LegitMTG as well as the M14 game Promo Scavenging Ooze. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at mrscottymac@gmail.com.

The total prize pool so far is as follows:
100.00 store credit for Face to Face Games
80.00 store credit for Face to Face Games
35.00 store credit for Face to Face Games
100.00 store credit for LegitMTG.com
150.00 store credit for LegitMTG.com
M14 Game Promo [card]Scavenging Ooze[/card]
2 [card]Summoner’s Pact[/card]
Package #1: Foil’s and Foreign
– foil japanese [card]increasing savagery[/card]
– foil russian [card]somberwald sage[/card]
– foil russian [card]tajic, blade of the legion[/card]
– foil english [card]wrexial, the risen deep[/card] – wwk
– foil english [card]phage the untouchable[/card] – 10ed
– 3x japanese [card]lingering souls[/card] – dka
– japanese [card]predator ooze[/card] – dka
– russian [card]wolfir silverheart[/card] – avr

Package #2: Get ‘r Done-grove
– playset of foil full art promo [card]dungrove elder[/card]

Package #3: When You Gonna Make Me a Grandparent
– playset of [card]birthing pod[/card]

Package #4: Black Mana Woman
– playset of FTV [card]Urborg, tomb of Yawgmoth[/card]

[card]AEtherling[/card] foil
Playset of [card]Deathrite Shaman[/card]

Magic Starter Package from Sketchbook Comics

Sketchbook Contribution

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Jersey


4x [card]Divining Witch[/card]

1x Noob Cube Starter Kit

1x Beginners/Casual Binder Full of rares with some Commons and Uncommons – Perfect some a friend who is just starting out or a to scratch that casual itch

1x MTG Bundle includes: 3 month of Star City Games Premium, 1x each of Sun Titan, Wurmcoil Engine and Glissa, The Traitor Oversized Promo Cards, A Mistvein Borderpost play mat, 2x [card] Inquisition of kozilek[/card] and some assorted MTG cards signed by the artist

1x Set of M12 planeswalker posters + Jace, The Mind Sculptor Poster

1x RZE Canvas over-the-shoulder bag (holds infinite things!)

1x “Boom Chair” Video gaming Chair

1x Guitar Hero World Tour Band Bundle PS3 NEW (includes 1 guitar, 1 drum set, 1 microphone, PS3 Game)

1x GP CALGARY Guitar Hero bundle PS3, played by Fart Party Millionaires (the gp calgary band) – Includes 3+ guitars, drumkit+stool+infinite Drum sticks (with wooden foot pedal for more durability), microphone+mic stand, guitar hero 4 and 5 games as well as the Rock band game (all PS3)

1x Star Wars Xwing miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games.

1x Magnificent proxy alter of Hulk as [card]Garruk, Caller of Beasts[/card], courtesy of @whoisles.

1x STUNNING Vinyl ALTER of an [card]Oblivion Ring[/card], signed by @TheProxyGuy himself!!

2x MTGO draft sets of Return to Ravnica block, courtesy of @marcelmtg

1x foil [card]Angelic Destiny[/card], 1x promo [card]Birds of Paradise[/card], 1x promo [card]Hero of Bladehold[/card], 1x ftv [card]Sword of Body and Mind[/card], 1x ftv [card]Sol Ring[/card], 1x promo [card]Grave Titan[/card], 1x promo [card]Frost Titan[/card], 1x promo [card]Sheoldred, Whispering One[/card], 1x [card]Thrun, the Last Troll[/card]
clough cards