Montreal Modern MCQ: Could Hogaak be overthrown?


It was Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis’ last hurrah at our Montreal Mythic Championship Qualifier (MCQ) this past Saturday.

As we all now know, the Modern format’s been turned on its head, Hogaak and Faithless Looting have been banned and Stoneforge Mystic has been free’d to breathe some life into the format’s midrange decks.

But, that wasn’t the case on Saturday. On Saturday the menace that was Hogaak still needed to be overthrown in Montreal. And Eldrazi Tron, in the hands of Vincent Thibeault, was able to do just that.

Your Montreal MCQ champion, Vincent Thibeault.

Thibeault was able to take down Patrick Quinn and his unbelievable Five Colour Bring to Light deck in the finals to take down the tournament. Quinn’s deck is by far the spiciest in our Top 8 and was built around three copies of Niv-Mizzet Reborn. You don’t want to miss this one.

Joining these two in the Top 8 was Julien Abenhaim playing the new Whirza deck that has become very popular the last few weeks in Modern, Face to Face’s very own Brian Su playing Hogaak fresh off of his win at our last Montreal MCQ, Yoann Bricault playing a sweet Izzet Kiki-Jiki deck, Raphael Bellemare on Humans and both Dalia Morin and Bernard Gingras playing Mono-Red Phoenix.

Your Montreal MCQ Top 8.

And there you have it, in our last major Modern event without Hogaak ever, there was only one copy in the Top 8. I for one am happy to see Looting and Gaak go, and I think the new iteration of the format will really be able to highlight the diversity you see in our Top 8 from Saturday. Specifically decks like Quinn’s that I mentioned earlier. Gone are the days of being punished by Dredge for trying to do something sweet. It’s still Modern, so you’re going to have to have a plan for uninteractive decks, but we’ll all get at least one more turn of breathing room.

Notably, decks like Humans and Whirza took no damage from the Banned and Restricted announcement, so I’d look towards those as some of the heavy hitters in this new format.

From everyone at Face to Face Games, we’d like to extend a special thank you to everyone whop came out on the weekend. We had a whopping 223 players register for the MCQ and even more on-site playing side events, or buying and selling cards at the booth. It was an awesome day of Magic!

Before I leave you for the week I’ve got one last reminder for you. Our Toronto MCQ is coming up quickly and you’re going to want to make sure to pre-register to secure your spot. This time it’s Modern so it’s sure to be packed! We’ll see you there.

Congratulations again to our champion Vincent Thibeault from everyone at Face to Face Games! Additionally, we’d like to extend our thanks to our amazing judge staff who ran a smooth event all day long! The next stop on the is coming up on the weekend of August 31 when we’ll be traveling to St. John’s, Newfoundland for our first EVER Magic Weekend! This will be the Open Series’ first ever two day event, and will feature a ton of side events to fill your time all weekend long. So, make sure to pre-register and we can’t wait to see you in St. John’s!