Is Matthew Dilks invincible? Can anyone defeat this man?

Matthew Dilks took home yet another trophy on Sunday. This time at our Modern Open.

One of the Toronto area’s most prolific Magic players added another trophy to his resume on Saturday. Dilks, who won the last Face to Face Games Toronto Ultimate Showdown, took down our Modern Open with an innovative Blue Moon variant.

We’ve seen a lot of U/R Breach and U/R Kiki decks that lean on Blood Moon to make life hard for their opponents. This deck forgo’s all of those gimmicky finishes for a clean Young Pyromancer + Vendillion Clique game-plan.

This deck is actually quite close to what Dilks played at the Ultimate Showdown, but here he’s lost some green proactive threats for a cleaner manabase and a more controlling overall strategy. I played Dilks at X-1 at this event and he handily Blood Moon’d me into oblivion in two consecutive games. This guy is flat out dominating tournaments in every format right now.

Derek Pite also made an appearance in his second consecutive Toronto Open Series Top 8, he played Grixis Death’s Shadow. This tournament was truly a coming out party for the Serum Visions and Snapcaster Mages of the format. We had Grixis, U/R, U/R Breach, Jeskai and U/W all show-up in addition to multiple copies of Burn.

I say it a lot in this recaps but Modern is really jarring in how fast it moves. This Top 8 is almost completely “fair” decks which is something we would never have predicted just a month ago when Tron and Scapeshift dominated a Modern Grand Prix.

Maybe players have found that counterspells are truly the only way to beat all the linear decks of the format. That’s the decision I came to when I decided to register Jeskai on Saturday. Maybe next weekend at the Pro Tour we’ll be seeing the some Cryptic Command mirrors?

Speaking of Modern next weekend, if you want to run your deck from Saturday back or maybe try something new, Face to Face Games Toronto will be hosting a Modern Showdown 1k. Come on out !

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First Place, Matthew Dilks- U/R Moon

Second Place, Jason Quian- Jeskai

Third Place, TJ Raymore- Abzan

Fourth Place, Derek Pite- Grixis Death’s Shadow

Fifth Place, John Wasson- Burn

Sixth Place, Stephen Kerr- U/W Control

Seventh Place, Chad Jenkins- Burn

Eighth Place, Jordan Voskamp- U/R Breach