After jamming some FNM, BDM and Michael J. Flores talk about the future of WPNQs, PTQs and all things related to the recent OP announcements.
The guys react to the recent OP news, talk Standard and have a discussion on game design.
The First Strike crew welcome a plethora of guests to break down the latest Organized Play news and the Modern format.
David & Travis discuss Esper control and blue artifacts in standard, how to practice to improve, and Travis gets a crash course in M20 limited.
Is the value of being unpredictable worth playing sub-optimal cards?
SCG champion Dom Harvey and Mythic Champs semifinalist Sean Gifford join the the First Strike crew to talk about their triumphant weekends.
BDM & Mike Flores react to the aftermath of Hogaak Summer at the most recent Mythic Championship in Barcelona.
The boys wrap up the Arc of No Lists.
David & Travis talk about Esper Control in Standard and why you should be trying out this deck. Then Travis has an assertions : Every game is Candy Land or Chess.
MTGO MCQ Champion Andy Robdrup and SCG Philly Champion Shaheen Soorani talk about their championship weekends!

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