Grixis Midrange or 4C Legends for Ottawa?

Christophe Vaugeois and Michael Van Vaals join the show after their top 8 performances at the Vancouver Regional Championship.

Topics discussed:

  • Derek’s 1st year as a full-time MTG content creator
  • Christophe’s run with his Grixis Midrange list
  • Did the field feel stronger at the Pioneer RC in Toronto vs. the Standard RC in Vancouver
  • What gave Michael in advantage playing 4C Legends
  • Advice Michael would give to to up-and-coming players
  • Many Derek rants about why players should just play Grixis

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5XdAx3igVkSL7QqciglBsa?si=b7aae05714824732
iTunes: bit.ly/MTGFirstStrike
Anchor: anchor.fm/firststrike

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