Showdown Recap: March 5th – Legacy


Welcome to another weekly Showdown Recap, where we take a look at what happened at Face to Face Games Toronto’s weekly Sunday Showdown, a series of 1k events feeding into the Ultimate Showdown 5k Invitational. This week, we got back into Legacy after a fairly long break!

Last Legacy Showdown was dominated by one of the rarest decks in the metagame: Deadguy Ale. Legacy is known for being fickle, but many of Toronto’s best Legacy players continued to bring the WBg midrange deck to this Showdown, and Brian Bogdon was once again able to make it all the way to the finals on the back of Hero of Bladehold! Many pro players believe Abzan to be the best deck in Modern, Death’s Shadow notwithstanding, and given its recent dominance in Modern Showdowns, it’s only fitting for a powered-up version of the same strategy to be consistently performing in Legacy.

Dark Confidant is not one of the most common threats in Legacy, a format where the ability to close out games quickly is usually preferred to incremental advantage, but Brian was not the only player to bring Bob to the table. Kenny Li made it to the quarterfinals with his take on Sultai Delver of Secrets, featuring Dark Confidant in addition Tarmogoyf in the 2-drop slot. In many ways, Dark Confidant is a more pressing threat, especially given the prevalence of cards like Gurmag Angler in Delver decks pushing the stats on Tarmogoyf lower and lower. In fact, despite there being 5 Sultai-coloured decks in the top 8, only five Tarmogoyfs could be found, with the fifth hiding in Shaun Zalewski’s Sultai Midrange deck. Of course, in a deck filled with Noble Hierarch and Deathrite Shaman, spending your turn 2 casting True-Name Nemesis leaves Tarmogoyf in a fairly weak spot!

The rest of our top 8 is mostly filled with a set of creative combo decks, fueled by the resurgence in midrange strategies. Notable Hearthstone pro Andrew Gordon finished in 8th place with Food Chain combo, a deck that uses the aforementioned enchantment in combination with Misthollow Griffin to generate infinite mana and kill with Aether Revolt’s Standard powerhouse Walking Ballista. Both this deck and Lisa Seelye’s Aluren deck benefit strongly from Commander 2016’s Leovold, Emissary of Trest, protecting their combos while locking down many of the most powerful blue spells in the format. Paul Switzer also made it to another top 8 finish with the more traditional Sneak and Show deck, powering out Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in the first few turns like it’s no big deal.

Now, you might have thought that Deadguy Ale was the most oddball deck to grace this particular top 8, and you wouldn’t be at fault for thinking that. Josh Oji, however, begs to differ. Always one to dredge through the vaults of combo decks of Legacy past, this week he brought Cephalid Breakfast to the fray. At first glance, the deck looks like an odd Death and Taxes deck, with Mother of Runes and Stoneforge Mystic alongside blue cantrips and Force of Will. Nope. It’s a combo deck. Nomads-en-Kor target Cephalid Illusionist several times to mill your entire deck, putting Narcomoebas into play, which Dread Return Angel of Glory’s Rise, in turn reanimating Azami, Lady of Scrolls, which draws a card to win the game with the Laboratory Maniac that also sneaks its way into play. Phew! It also gets to have Force of Will backup!

When people think of Legacy, however, they invariably tend to think of the blue powerhouses Brainstorm and Force of Will, working overtime to protect from the savage combos that exist in the format. Our winner, Daniel Goetschel, certainly did his fair share of that, bringing the most aggressive version of a Delver of Secrets deck to the table, featuring powerful aggressive Prowess creatures to the table. No deck excels like this one at dealing a ton of evasive damage quickly while defending its creatures with Daze and Force of Will, and he certainly made the most of it, taking down the whole event!

Our perennial hero and recurring focus of this segment, Chris Ha, was fortunate to not fall in the standings this week, but plenty of new players managed to qualify for the Ultimate Showdown! Daniel’s win automatically qualifies him, while Brian Bogdon and Andrew Gordon accumulated enough points to land just above the 50-point threshold. Join us next week for a Frontier Showdown, and don’t forget to keep preparing for March 18th’s Toronto 3k Modern Open!

Daniel Goetschel – UR Delver – 1st

Brian Bogdon – Deadguy Ale – 2nd

Paul Switzer – Sneak and Show – 3rd

Lisa Seelye – Aluren – 4th

Josh Oji – Cephalid Breakfast – 5th

Shaun Zalewski – Sultai Midrange – 6th

Kenny Li – Sultai Delver – 7th

Andrew Gordon – Food Chain – 8th