2019 F2F Tournament Series – Second Half Announcement

The FacetoFaceGames.com Tournament Series has had an exceptional first half to 2019. More and more players across Canada are coming out week after week to play Standard, Draft, Commander and Modern with us. In fact, the first half was such a success that we’ve added some spice to our schedule for the remainder of the year. Hopefully, some of these additions will become staples of the series and continue on to 2020. Without further ado, I present the second half of the 2019 FaceToFaceGames.com Tournament Series.

We will be visiting 3 brand new cities in the second half of 2020:

• Lethbridge, AB
• Victoria, BC
• Grand Prairie, AB

We can’t wait to bring all the excitement of the Tournament Series to these new areas. Let’s get to the exciting part — the spice!

Free Standard

In addition to new cities, we are also bringing a new event to the series. If you have been paying attention, we have been piloting a new free afternoon Standard event. These events were tested recently in Calgary and Montreal. After hearing feedback from the community, we have decided to further test it for the entire second half of 2019. Every single stop in the second half will contain up to two free scheduled Standard events. These events will be four rounds, with prize structure as follows:

Entry: Free
4-0: $50
3-0-1: $30
3-0: $10

Increased Judge Comp

Stock image search – handsome magic judge

We will not be waiting until 2020 to increase judge compensation. Judges are a key part of the success of the series and player experience. We will therefore be giving all our awesome judges a well-deserved raise mid-year. We will also be making changes to our compensation structure to make sure that it is as fair and transparent as possible. For more information please contact Michael Hill: michael.hill@facetofacegames.com.

Magic Weekend 2-Day Events

We have long been looking to extend our events to 2-day events. Turnout continues to grow, and some markets can clearly support the increased format. With that in mind we will therefore be testing our first 2-day event late in August: Magic Weekend Newfoundland. The St. John’s, NL Magic community has always been one of the most robust and active communities in Canada. They might live out on ‘The Rock’ but they sure know how to enjoy the game we all love.

A premier example of what they are made of was the FaceToFaceGames.com Open St. John’s in January of 2017. On that day, Newfoundland happened to be hit with a huge blizzard. There were 60+ Km/h winds, mountains of snow falling from the sky, and government warnings to stay inside. Even the 24-hour McDonald’s next to the venue shut its doors. But nothing was stopping the Newfoundland MTG community from coming out to play Magic. The community rallied their 4WD vehicles, carpooled people back and forth from their homes, and worked hard to ensure everyone who wanted to play got to play MTG. We had to delay the tournament three hours, but in the end 63 brave souls got to play six rounds of Modern.

Picture taken the morning of 2017 St. John’s Open

It is this NL spirit that we hope to harness in testing this new 2-day event. Our 2-day Magic Weekend will be held on August 31 – September 1, 2019 in St. John’s NL. Day 2 events will be free or at cost for Sealed. The goal here is to acquire feedback from the community and test logistics. Additional details for this event will be posted online. Hopefully, in 2020 we can bring this program country-wide.

Draft and Commander

$10 Drafts and $5 Commander continue to be our most popular events. We will not be changing the structure of these events but will be looking for ways to make them even better for 2020.

The FaceToFaceGames.com Tournament Series will continue to be the largest independent tournament series on earth with respect to number of events and distance covered. I hope these changes to the second half will bring the joy of MTG to even more Canadians.

All events are now up on our Facebook page, so start making your plans right away!

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns you can always contact our events department events@facetofacegames.com or you can email me directly generalmanager@facetofacegames.com.