Ancestral Recall #16 – In the Style of Top 8 Magic

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Welcome to a very special [okay not special] episode of the Ancestral Recall podcast!

This week young Roman Fusco (@roman_fusco) failed in his one and only task [“YOU HAD ONE JOB, TARLY!”] of obtaining a professional recording studio at NYU. As such, Roman and michaelj (@fivewithflores) are relegated to wandering the streets of Manhattan like a pair of recording vagabonds.

Further, they have no script!

So instead, our arcane archaeologists review some recent episodes OF THIS VERY PODCAST, and talk about Roman’s recent successes… All of which occurred as a result of the lessons taught by Ancestral Recall.

1. How to Win a PTQ [http://manadeprived.com/ancestral-recall-1-win-ptq/]
The one that started it all! This podcast changed Roman’s life and catapulted him to a Regional Championship.

2. The Rogue Strategy [http://manadeprived.com/ancestral-recall-3-rogue-strategy/]
Are you a soulless boring who always plays “The Deck to Beat”? So was Roman… Until this episode. Roman learned to understand what makes different good (rather than just different), an appreciation without which he would never have cracked his first Classic Top 8.

3. Casting Blue Spells [http://manadeprived.com/ancestral-recall-14-casting-blue-spells/]
“I had never registered the card ‘Island’ in a competitive REL event before.” -Roman Fusco
Thank goodness he did this time around, though! Roman learned to play with a creatureless deck for the first time, and helped to cement one of the most popular decks in the current Standard with his most recent Classic Top 8.


Mike and Roman talk changes to Approach of the Second Suns:

Approach of the Second Suns update by @yayitsmichaelj and @romanfusco

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Your hosts:
Roman Fusco – @Roman_Fusco
Mike Flores – @fivewithflores

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