Ancestral Recall #2 – Who’s the Beatdown?

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It’s the dawning of a new (or new-old) day here at ManaDeprived. Mike Flores is joined by SCG Regionals Champion (and fellow Burn afficionado) Roman Fusco [] for a new weekly podcast revisiting the great articles of Magic’s strategic history.

Mike and Roman did a fairly long episode with “How to Win a PTQ” in the first episode of Ancestral Recall. This time around they opt for a short article that you may have heard of – Who’s the Beatdown?

Does Who’s the Beatdown? hold up?

It’s up to Roman to make that call… But here’s an excerpt from its originator:

“‘Who’s the Beatdown?’ is remembered because it was first, not because it was best.”
-Michael J. Flores

The duo shift in the second half of the podcast to a discussion of how to approach similar matchups today (e.g. B/G in Standard), Mike reminisces about Rebel Informer, and conclude on the process of deck selection.

Love it!

Original Article: Available at Deckade –

Your hosts:

Mike Flores – @fivewithflores
Roman Fusco – @RomanFusco