Announcing Cycle 1 Last Chance Qualifiers

Cycle 1 Tour Weekend are right around the corner! While many battle-hardened Canadians have earned their stripes, we want to offer some last chances for players from coast to coast to earn their invite!

Last Chance Qualifiers, or LCQs as they are often known, will be run at select WPN stores across Canada in the weeks leading up to the Toronto and Calgary tour weekends!

Topdeck Hero in Montreal, Chimera Gaming in Kitchener/Waterloo, Wizards Tower in Ottawa, Hairy Tarantula in Toronto and Black Knight Games in Hamilton will host LCQs aimed at the Toronto Tour Weekends.

Sentry Box Cards in Calgary, Taps Games in Edmonton and House of Cards in Vancouver will host LCQs aimed at our Calgary Tour Weekend!

Check out our partners for more details coming soon as well as our calendar and map at With extra foil Nykthos for top competitors, Lava Spikes for all, and Tour Champs invites for the top 8, these events will be great for all players!

For those wanting to really cut it close, check out the Super Qualifier on Fridays at Tour Weekends which will be followed up with old school “Grinder” style LCQs that will be launched on-demand when 16 players sign up!

All these events are open to all players, qualified for zero, one or two Tour Championships, so everyone can participate!

Check out all this as well as Cycle 2 Qualifiers and Tour Weekend sign-ups at

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