Drunk Deck Tech #01: Croz Control

Every Wednesday night, the Broken City School of Magic hosts a Magic: the Gathering tournament at the bar. Though rarely to this extent, players like to have a few drinks over the course of the tournament, working up the confidence to wax poetic about their particular brews. Every once in awhile, things get out of control. Inspired by Derek Waters’ Drunk History videos, the BCSM will be bringing you a monthly series of tanked tech.

The Broken City School of Magic Podcast

The Broken City School of Magic has taken the plunge and recorded a podcast, albeit a gloriously drunken one at that. In celebration of the imminent release of Mirrodin Besieged, we got together after Wednesday Night Magic, got absolutely tanked and talked cards until 4:00am. The podcast is about the only memory we have of it actually happening. Anywho, the conversations are focused largely on the Faction-aligned pre-release events, so don’t expect any fancy Constructed talk.