Bant Nexus MCQ champion, UG Ramp & is UW tier 1 in Modern?

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KYT, Andy, and Jonathan chat with MCQ winner and Bant Nexus master Matt Stein.

(00:03:34) From all the way to winning an MCQ, how did Mat get into Magic?
(00:08:03) How did Mat prep for the MCQ, and why did he settle on Bant Nexus? Why Bant Nexus is better against the red matchup?
(00:15:15) What matchups give Bant Nexus difficulty? What are some of the sideboard strategies? How does he play versus the mirror and other UG decks?
(00:21:52) How did Andy do with his crazy online MCQ last weekend? What lessons did he learn about the 4-colour Dreadhorde deck?
(00:27:55) What are the latest developments in Standard Mono-Red? What other decks are on the rise in Standard? What is Simic Tron in Standard? Switching gears, what has been the impact in Legacy of War of the Spark?
(00:44:29) With so many mirrors in the MCQs, what are the keys to the 4-Colour Dreadhorde mirror match? What cards are safe to sideboard out in the mirror? Does the deck have any way to beat Izzet Phoenix?
(00:58:29) With Narset and Teferi, is UW now the Tier 1 deck in Modern? What decks stand a chance to beat UW?

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