Canadian Magic Tour 2012 – The Return

What is the Candian Magic Tour?

The 2012 edition of the Canadian Magic Tour is by far the biggest effort that’s ever been made to start an independant tournament series in Canada. Kyle Ryc worked on the inaugural season of CMT last year and he’s taking his experience to make this upcoming season something special.

Who are the people behind the Canadian Magic Tour?

As mentioned above, the Regional Coordinator of Canada, Kyle Ryc, is the organizer of this series. Unlike last year where we had one particular store backing each individual event, the entire 2012 series is going to be sponsored by the following 3 stores:

These are 3 of the biggest Magic: the Gathering stores in the country and they joining forces to support this series. On top of all this, there will also be coverage provided to you by none other than the team behind In short, this time, we mean business.

When is the first tournament?

The first stop of the Canadian Magic Tour is in Montreal on January 7th. The format? We are excited to announce that we are starting things off with a Team Constructed tournament.

More information on this tournament can be found here.

There’s currently a discount if you pre-register here, so find a team and get on that!

I want to play in the Team Constructed tournament, but I do not have a team. What do I do?

There’s currently a Facebook group dedicated to this event. Let people know you are looking for teammates here.

What are the formats of the other tournaments going to be?

The formats of the first 3 tournaments of the series have been announced on the official Canadian Magic Tour website found here. Details for the other tournaments will be revealed in the near future.

Is there going to be some sort of Invitational tournament held at the end of the series?

There will be an event to bring all these champions together – we’re just not ready to reveal when or where. Stay tuned for more info as the season progresses.

Does the Canadian Magic Tour have an official website?

Yes. Go check out!

See you all there,

Team Mana Deprived

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