The Companion Mechanic, Chess, Best Move vs. Easier to Play

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(0:00) What we’ve been up to and which games we’ve been playing
(3:45) Is Alex still a Rival and for how long?
(29:15) What does Alex think of Ikoria and the Companion mechanic?
(57:00) In chess, even the very elite might not play the best move and opt for an easier to play line. Does this happen in MTG?
(1:12:24) KYT links the discussion to poker: some players trying to copy solvers, GTO vs. exploitative
(1:18:00) KYT is happy to see people tweet about being proud to hit 2000+ ratings on MTGO. Can there actually be a mix of ELO in the ladder?

Project Atraxa – Saga Tribal

Hello and welcome to another very special episode of Commander Cookout Podcast!  Today on CCOPodcast, the boys conclude the Arc of New Year, New U where we go deep on new and interesting ways to play the color blue in 2020.

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Organized Play – WWAD

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(0:00) Thoughts on Play Design
(11:45) Reaction to Organized Play announcements – what would Alex do? First 2 vs. best 5?
(29:30) Alex thinks people who were able to mix a job and MTG as a hobby did it right and reveals roughly how much he earned as an MPL player in 2019
(1:01:00) London mulligan strategy
(1:11:00) Helping finalnub win a Realease Weekend Limited Grand Prix

The Pressure of this Mythic Championship

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(1:45) Reacting to the current landscape of MTG content
(13:10) Tyler Nightingale asks us how we’d get people more invested in the MPL
(21:40) The pressure of the upcoming Arena Mythic Championship, how did Alex prepare
(34:20) Good Game culture, turning emotions on/off
(41:45) Alex is asked what’s the difference between him and the average grinder
(53:00) Tactics vs. strategy in Magic
(57:20) Analyzing the Pinnacle odds for the Arena MC. The level of disrepect!