Community Contributions, High-Level Strategy & Standard

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(1:34) Hayne heading down to GP Providence, teaming with Sigrist and Martell
(5:05) Winning a team GP with Hoaen and Hron
(6:20) KYT asks if Martell is content with his almost-HOF career
(8:25) General Hall of Fame talk
(19:05) Hayne’s frustration with the current state of Magic content
(22:14) GOING DEEP: Is writing paid articles community contribution?
(27:15) KYT’s motivation for starting & where he is at now
(29:55) Hayne gives an example of bad Magic content he has read
(41:05) KYT thinks back on a strategic error he’d mindlessly make
(46:15) HIGH LEVEL STRATEGY: Abandoning preconceived notions
(52:55) Standard talk, more Command the Dreadhorde
(1:00:55) UG Incubation/Nissa
(1:15:24) Who is the best player in Kingston?
(1:16:00) Who is the best player in Ottawa?