The Eh Team #153 – Jay Gets Schooled

After a not-so-successful online PTQ, Jeremey really wants to figure out Theros Limited. Jay describes his trip bringing goodies to the awesome Magic club at Hugh Sutherland School in Carstairs, Alberta. More on being Asian with KYT. The team responds to listener comments from the last episode.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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20 thoughts on “The Eh Team #153 – Jay Gets Schooled”

  1. An episode without Scotty was unbelievably refreshing. First episode in a while where I haven’t cringed the entire time.

      • I don’t understand 2 things here? First of all what Scotty does wrong on the cast. I think Jon was always the one who rattled the cage trying to derail scott and ruin the cast. Since medina left nobody does that to Scott and I really like it.

      • I can’t speak for everyone, I missed Scott. I can’t say that I have ever heard an Eh Team without you. It was like when they replaced the mom on Fresh Prince. I hope that everything is alright. At the very least I hope you didn’t take one in the rear like Jeremy did earlier this year.

      • Let me start off by saying that I greatly appreciate what you add to the cast, Scott. You are the leader of the cast, and you direct topics, ask questions, and keep everyone in check. If it wasn’t for you, the cast would fall apart. However, you also have an “Evan Erwin” type energy, and that has its upsides and downsides

        The reason I found this episode a reprieve and not so cringe-inducing is because it finally offered some opinions that weren’t yours. When it comes down to it, Jay is the only one who will argue with you and call you out on your shit when your evaluations of something are dead wrong. Much like Evan Erwin, you describe things as “insane” way too often, grossly assess a card’s power level, or make blanket statements based off of insufficient proof. Meanwhile, KYT and Jeremy tend to sit back, and offer statements like, “Well, I thought it was really more this way, but I could see it your way too.”

        Hearing KYT and Jeremy this week lead the conversation a bit more was refreshing. The two of them are clearly the best Magic players on the cast by a pretty large margin, and it’s always disappointing to hear their valid observations and opinions squashed by you (and Jay, to an extent), simply because you have more energy.

        All this being said, I’d like to reiterate that I don’t dislike you on the cast. You offer an essential component, and it is what helps make the Eh Team enjoyable to listen to. My main qualm is that you can overpower the other members and get wrapped up in your own opinions while neglecting theirs.

        Hope that clears up my previous comment.

        • Thanks Enzo. Thats actually very valid. I will take your specific and well conveyed criticism under advisement. Thank you for that clarity. I am always looking for ways to improve on everything in my life, and this is no exception. It is impossible to do so without clear and useful feedback.

          Thanks for listening. We all appreciate it.

          And thanks for everyone that stood up to defend. That also makes me very proud to be doing this show for you. Knowing that what we all do can move people to that much action when threatened, means that what we do has value to you. Knowing that makes staying up late and getting up early, and all the research and time away from family totally worth it.

          As many times as i want to type it, thank you just doesn’t seem good enough anymore.

          I love you all. (yes, even you New Listener)

    • Try giving some constructive criticism and not just being a troll, dude.

    • i love how if anyone says shit about me or jon its fine but as soon as someone has any shit to say about scott its all “GRAB YOUR TRUMPETS AND FLAGS WE MUST DEFEND MILORD!”

      get over it.

      Enzo doesnt like scott, big fucking deal. Lots of people didnt like john and i didnt see any of you defending him and screaming for “reasons”.

      Id love one episode where the comments are a worthwhile discussion.

      Wag your dicks, this pissing contest is over.

  2. Great show guys. Jay revealed some keen insights about new players and what we should all be trying to do if we want the game to last. Kudos to Jeremy and Jay for taking an interest in their Province.

    Question for KYT – if your grandfather is awake when you are, and he is critical of the fact that you are awake how does he justify being awake himself? Additionally I think the fans should gather funds to buy an alarm clock that has Jay saying “Wake up KYT” in case you sleep in until 11 again. Just a thought.

    While many listeners seem to think Jeremy’s is entitled he is active in acknowledging fan concerns both on the comments section and on the show itself. I think this reveals Jeremy’s humility and the care he has for the listeners. He doesn’t have to address these concerns, yet he does week in and week out. I would be lying if I said that I did not miss Medina, but Jeremy is a great addition to the cast. Note that I said addition, not replacement, as I feel replacement has somewhat negative connotations.

    Keep up the great work you make all of our Monday’s a little brighter.

  3. Thanks for reading my comments, totally made my day! I can definitely help out with setting up a group to practice Theros sealed.
    I was thinking I could make a Facebook group where everyone can post their MODO user names.
    I was thinking we could take pictures or screen caps of any sealed pools we get and people could comment and compare and contrast the decks they would make with the decks the person that posted made. Maybe give the sealed pools and the decks a score between 1 and 5? Then we could start to understand when we are being outclassed by our opponents decks or their skill.
    Send me a FR on facebook or a message on modo (fink_the_gobbo) if you are interested.

  4. I completely agree with Jeremy about Theros sealed. I thought i was going crazy! I’ve been grinding the phantom sealed for max practice, and i had been going infinite there with other sets.

    But THS sealed is kicking the crap out of me. And it’s always when i’m sure my deck is super tight. Then i’ll get a pool that looks like Jay’s hairy balls and go 3-0 with it. I guess i wouldn’t be so frustrated if i could figure out why this keeps happening.

    Great to hear about Jay’s adventure in elementary/middle/high school. I give my cards, decks and schwag to new players all the time for the exact reason Jay mentioned. It simply means the world to a kid who is just starting out. LGS can be a pretty intimidating place for some kid who’s still excited about his first deck. It really sucks that sweaty magic nerds are so compelled to perpetuate the very same cycle of abuse that causes them to band together, dateless on Friday nights.

    I do think it’s important to also encourage these kids to pursue other interests. My son just turned 12 and kicked the pussy out of a room full of “adults” to win the Theros Game Day. As excited as i am for him, i can’t help picturing him at 24, 240 lbs, still wearing the same shorts on and his fat ass oozing through the chair-back, turn 1 Thoughseizing some poor chump.


    Beats playing golf, i guess… 🙂


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