The Eh Team #294 – Just Can’t Wait to Be King

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Some guy named Jay joins as a new host. Jay had a ton of fun trying out Conspiracy 2. What it’s like being Monarch. Matt delivers the high highs and low lows of his GP Indy experience. What is the goal of a player at a GP? Matt was still a little bummed out by his results, but KYT encourages him. However, Jay Boosh can find no pity in his heart for deck brewers. Dan Lanthier then joins the show, fresh off an alleged cheating scandal. Matt puts on his journalist hat, and pulls no punches hitting Lanthier with the hard questions. **DISCLAIMER: The Eh Team in no way believes any of the allegations of cheating levied against Dan Lanthier. Obviously the situation is ridiculous, and the Eh Team will only joke about it.** Why Dan Lanthier likes Suicide Zoo, but will it be his deck for the third and final WMCq of the year? Matt announces the winner of last week’s contest, and the Eh Team puts together a new 20 Questions contest for the listeners. Can YOU guess this card, based on these clues?

  • Is it in Standard? No.
  • Is it Goblin Lackey? No.
  • Is it black? No.
  • Is it red? No.
  • Is it a permanent? Yes.
  • Is it Gaea’s Cradle? No.
  • Is its converted mana cost 3 or less? Yes.
  • Does it have a power and toughness? No.
  • Is it colorless? No.
  • Is it blue? Yes.
  • Does it have mana, converted or otherwise, in the text box? No.
  • Is it an enchantment? Yes.
  • Is it legal in Modern? No.
  • Is there a picture of a person in the art? Yes.
  • Does it have an activated ability? No.
  • Is it an uncommon? No.
  • Is it from Stronghold? No.
  • Is it Unstable Mutation? No.
  • Is it a common? Yes.
  • Does it have a keyword in its text box? No.
  • BONUS: The humanoid pictured is wearing a yellow dress.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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