The Eh Team #299 – Umezawa’s Jeep

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Jeremey explains the new MTGO Treasure Chests to Jay Boosh. The Eh Team look at the impact of the Treasure Chest announcement on Modern MTGO card prices, along with the odds of the various chest card slots. Jeremey isn’t totally behind vehicles in Limited, but Jay feels that they’re basically Equipment, but better. Josh Krause of Original MTG Art drops by to talk about Magic art with Matt and chat about the latest set of Classic Art Tokens. KYT is impressed with the Modern decks from the recent MOCS results. But really interesting are some of the top 32 lists from last weekend’s SCG Open Indianapolis, the first Standard of the new season. Jeremey describes his forgetfulness problem.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

You can find us and our guests on Twitter at:
@mtgEhTeam – The official Eh Team Twitter account
@OriginalMtGArt – Josh Krause

@kytmagic – Kar Yung Tom
@JayBoosh – Jay Tuharsky
@J_Schofield – Jeremey Schofield
@mattmendoza – Matt Mendoza


“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

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