The Eh Team #300 – The Gathering: One Last Time

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For the first time ever in the Eh Team’s history, an episode ending in -00. In this episode, the guys take a look back at all they’ve done across 300 shows, dotted here and there with some live US election commentary. Jeremey’s and KYT’s other podcasts. The big news: the Eh Team is taking an indefinite hiatus. Matt took his RG Ponza deck to 4-4 at GP Dallas last weekend. A retrospective on where Magic–and Magic podcasting–sits in each Eh Team member’s life. Jay Boosh played Boss Monster. Jer has a history lesson for Jay about Chris Pikula. Favourite Eh Team moments. The Magic content future for the rest of the guys.

Thank you very much, listeners old and new, for sharing your time with us every week by inviting the Eh Team into your car, your phone, your earbuds, or your head. See you around!

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

You can find us and our guests on Twitter at:
@mtgEhTeam – The official Eh Team Twitter account

@kytmagic – Kar Yung Tom
@JayBoosh – Jay Tuharsky
@J_Schofield – Jeremey Schofield
@mattmendoza – Matt Mendoza


“Eh Team Intro” – @mtgcolorpie
“Throwing Fire” – Ronald Jenkees

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