F2F Tour Championship Ticket Pricing – Official Statement From the General Manager

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for our lack of transparency on the ticket price for our F2F Tour Championships. There’s no excuse for the delay in announcing the ticket price. I can give you my personal assurances that it was an oversight and not intentional. I take full responsibility, as General Manager, for this.  

Ticket Fees

Various fees and add-ons have increased the out-of-pocket cost of our premier events. This was never our intention. We will reverse those extra costs and make sure our premier event ticket costs remain at $70+ tax. All tickets will be sold at this price (or less) for the remainder of this season. Tickets that have already been purchased for the Toronto and Calgary Tour Championships will receive a refund of the price difference.

The Team/Program

The team that we have assembled to run the new Canadian Premier Play System, the F2F Tour, led by MTG events veteran Kelly Ackerman, is committed to making it the best system in the world. Our Tour Weekends will provide the community with premier play, a Command zone, plus events and activities for every MTG enthusiast. 

Face to Face Games built its reputation on dedication to the Canadian MTG community. The growth and health of the community remains our primary focus. From this point forward, we will do everything in our power to restore your faith in our commitment to transparency. We have complete faith in the F2F Tour and its ability to grow, evolve and deliver premier events for the Canadian MTG community.

Customer Feedback

This situation has a bright side. The customer feedback we received about the F2F Tour has been invaluable. Feedback was not limited to ticket prices, but also contained many suggestions on how to improve our WPN Program for LGSs, our Tour Stops, and our Tour Weekends. Customer feedback is key when building a system to best serve the community. We encourage feedback either by email, on our Discord or on any of our social media channels regarding any aspect of the F2F Tour.

Thank you all for helping make the Canadian MTG community the best in the world. I will be at both the Toronto and Calgary Tour Weekends and will be available to discuss this or any other issue pertaining to F2F and the Tour. Once again, my sincerest apologies for this lack of transparency.

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