Event Recap

F2F Tour Edmonton 2023 – Event Recap

As is always the case for any of our Alberta events, players came in droves to play our awesome Commander Pod events, our Modern Super Qualifier main event, and our Pioneer Super Qualifier event.

For a second consecutive weekend, Five-Color Omnath is dominating the battlefield! Congratulations to our champion, Nathan Dlugos, who snatched first place with that very deck.

Five-Color is truly on a roll, not only appearing twice in our Top 8 decks with Omnath (it also snatched 8th place piloted by Mark Norris), but also in our 5th place winner Carson Bell’s deck, Five-Color Zoo. I spoke to Bell who told me he chose the deck because he wanted something straight forward to play. The ability of the deck to pressure the opponent while still having interaction was a huge upside. He credits Stubborn Denial as an all-star card the whole day!

Another deck that has been steadily keeping its place in our Top 8’s is Yawgmoth piloted by Kyle Mah to 6th place. He graciously took some time to speak to me about it. Mah stated that a strength of the deck is its ease of use. It plays like a midrange yet it has the possibility of combo finishes and it is very resilient. Mah was satisfied with how his deck played, as he would ‘only swap anything for prettier cards to add some pizzaz’. Anyone relate?

Both Bell and Mah had some advice for anyone out there who is considering trying out for our Super Qualifiers in the future. They both emphasize fun over competition! Bell reminds potential competitors to just go in, play the best you can, have fun and enjoy the experience. Mah says that these events are less about the prizes and competitions and more about the gathering part of Magic, and the best part is to hang out with friends all day and play a game you enjoy, or meeting other players in the local gaming community. We agree with them wholeheartedly, so don’t hesitate to sign up for one of our upcoming events!

We also hosted an epic Pioneer Super Qualifier! Congratulations to our Top 8!

We’re coming back East for our next event in Kitchener this Saturday, November 4th. Make sure you register now!

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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