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F2F Tour Kitchener 2023 – Event Recap

Greetings from the F2F Tour Recap Desk as we look back at last weekend’s F2F Tour Stop in Kitchener! 89 players battled for a spot in the Top 8, and we’re getting déjà-vu with these decklists! Derek Pite, a well-respected regular of our events, snatched first place with his Golgari Yawgmoth deck. He highlights Agatha’s Soul Cauldron, a big up-and-comer of the Modern format, as one of the biggest strengths of the deck, which made it harder to target.

Other well-known decks to have made their way into the Top 8 are Five-Color Omnath (piloted by 2nd place winner Jack Michie) and Rakdos Evoke (piloted by both Alexis Balderama in 4th place and Steven Mayen in 7th place).

Some exciting decks showed up this weekend, with Amulet Titan appearing twice (with Dominic Harvey in 3rd place and Patrick Sherwood in 6th place). Sherwood chose the deck for its familiarity and position in the meta, noting the deck’s resiliency and ability to search up one of its many resources and utilities at the right moment as its main strengths.

8th place winner Pedram Moazen-Sayad brought his Mono-White Hammer deck to the event, prepared to challenge Scam, Tron, and other popular decks, but acknowledges that it is soft against Four-Color Omnath and Amulet. He may consider playing more Strict Proctor in the future, which was useful against bad matchups.

F2F affiliate creator 8thPlaceDave and artist Snug The Amazing also joined the event! They played games, met fans and followers, and even hosted a custom token booth!

Like last week’s F2F Tour Stop in Edmonton, I have asked some of our Top 8 champions for advice for beginners or Super Qualifier first timers. Moazen-Sayad suggests practicing the deck you want to play and familiarizing yourself with the metagame and the cards that see the most play.

All three players emphasize one principle that seems to unite all high-level players: fun and friendship is the ultimate goal of these events!

Thank you to everyone who attended, and congratulations to our Top 8 and champion Derek Pite!

Our next event is sure to be absolutely epic with more artists, bigger events, cosplayers and entertainers at our last Tour Weekend of 2023 in Toronto, November 24-26th! Make sure you register now, invite your friends, gather your decks, and join us!

Be sure to check out F2FTour.com for more information to see the upcoming events!

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