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F2F Tour St. John’s – Event Recap

The F2F Tour Stop trail took a break in the month of June, but it returned to the city of St. John’s this past weekend. As expected, the strong and tight-knit MTG community of Newfoundland came to support the event as we witnessed some of the usual suspects battling in the main event.

49 players competed in the Modern Qualifier and in the end, Marcel Warr added a key line to his resume – F2F Tour Champion.

I chatted a bit with Marcel and he had told me that he’s been coming to these Face to Face Games events since we started going to Newfoundland for host one. Over the years, he had collected 4 top 8s and now finally was able to grab that elusive final win.

Marcel ended up sleeving up Four-Colour Midrange but with 2 new additions – The One Ring and Delighted Halfling. Despite the limited supply of cards on the island, he was able to grab the copies he needed.

According to him, both of the new cards felt amazing. The One Ring was great every time he drew it (consistently drawing him 6+ cards) and Delighted Halfling was key in blue matchups as it enables uncounterable Rings/Omnaths/Teferis. The mana acceleration that comes with it allowing for early Fables/Teferis/Nissa felt incredible.

Lastly, Marcel thinks the Modern format is in a great place. He played 9 rounds of Magic on Saturday and battled against 8 different decks. The top 8 also featured 8 different archetypes!

Our next event is in Toronto where the main event is something special – a Team Trios! To see when the upcoming F2F Tour events are, visit F2FTour.com!

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