F2F Tour Stop: Halifax Recap

41 players competed in the most recent F2F Halifax Open. Both Adam Joyce and Jesse Compton were in the top 8 in this year’s previous Halifax Open and in this one, they met in the finals where 4c Yorion faced off against Hammer Time.

I’m sure it must have been quite the relief for Adam after he won the tournament because he has come very close to the trophy multiple times. In 2020, he finished 2nd with Ponza at the Charlottetown Open.

4c and Murktide Regent decks keep popping up in our top 8 results, so I had to ask Adam about it.

Adam: “Yeah I think 4c is excellent right now, especially locally. Good matchups vs Gammer, Rhinos and UR Murktide which are probably three most popular decks in Halifax. Got pretty lucky in top 8 vs Tron but we’ll take it.”

What’s next? The F2F Tour takes a bit of a breather heading into Labour Day Weekend but it quickly returns to action the following weekend in Edmonton on September 10th. Some of our biggest events in terms of attendance happen in Alberta so I expect another massive turnout for this one.

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