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F2F Tour Stop Montreal – Cycle 3 Recap

The 2023 year starts with a bang as it was made clear to us that players couldn’t wait to get back to playing Magic after the holidays. Why do I think that? Our main event, the Modern Open Qualifier, hit its attendance cap of 142 players! On top of that, there were many pods of Commander running throughout the day. People were definitely taking advantage of the Commander Package we offer at our Tour Stops.

Martin-Éric Gauthier, a very well-respected local player, won the main event with 5C Creativity. In fact, two copies of the deck made top 8. The other list shaved some cards to make room for 3 Fire // Ice and 1 Transmogrify in the main.

MEG ran through a Yawgmoth deck, WB Hammer and Elementals in the top 8 to claim the title of Champion.

It was great to see notable community all-star Sébastien Lachance with a strong result after disappointments at the Tour Championships. He’s been hard at work promoting the game in Quebec, so if you want to keep tabs on everything MTG related in Quebec, make sure you check out his frequently updated Facebook Page MTG Québec.

What more can I say about Dalia who has been EN FUEGO lately? She made top 8 at the Toronto Tour Championship and follows it up with another impressive performance. I’m excited to see how she does at the Pro Tour. She’s pretty active on Twitter, so you can keep up with her progress @MaleficentCorgi.

The F2F Tour’s next stop is in Saskatoon on Saturday, February 4th. It’s an action packed day that even includes prerelease events, so check out full event details as we are sure you will find something that you’d want to participate in.

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