F2F Tour Stop: Toronto Recap

We wrapped up another awesome F2F Tour Stop in Toronto this past weekend, but this one will be one to remember. The Open ran into a wall when Eventlink, the software used to run large events, was experiencing an outage. When no solution could be found, one of our judges, Elaine Cao (@Oritart), took it upon herself to write a custom script to save the event. Though delayed, the tournament of 135 players was able to run. We couldn’t thank her enough!

Elaine wrote a tournament report which you can check out below:

It’s always nice to see something new at the very top of these Opens. Last Tour Stop, we saw Jeskai Breach and this time, BG Yawgmoth took home the trophy in the hands of Kevin Fang. Are we going to see this deck take a bigger slice of the metagame pie?

Congratulations to everyone else who made top 8!

What’s next? This Saturday, we will be hosting the very first F2F Tour Stop of Cycle 2. For our Commander players, know that our Commander Experience Package has been updated with a sweet new Crucicle of Worlds playmat!

To learn everything about this Saturday’s event, just click the image below:

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