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F2F Tour Toronto – Event Recap

It’s been a while, but Team Trios finally made its way back to the F2F Tour this past weekend as 42 teams (126 players) battled for MTG supremacy. Modern, Pioneer and Standard were the formats players competed in.

There was a lot of top level talent in the field but in the end, a roster of skilled veterans took home trophies and some beautiful oversized cards.

Immediately, I was drawn to Sammy T’s list as I had not seen the Scam cards with an Orzhov mana base. He was kind enough to tell me that the deck came from Rob Anderson. The origin of the deck is from an Aspiringspike video. Sammy decided to test this deck to help Rob with his Pro Tour Barcelona prep.

For this specific event, the deck felt very broken. However, in his mind the meta had already shifted. It should be less effective moving forward with Dimir Ring being the new top dog of the format.

When it came to the Team Trios event as whole, Sammy thinks it’s great that there was a team tournament to qualify for the Regional Championship. His last couple of RC qualifications have all been in Limited – including the last Toronto RC where he won a Sealed LCQ on the Friday and finished in the top 16 (lost 2 win-and-ins into top 8 in the last 2 rounds).

I chatted a bit with Jamie Archdekin as well who played Dimir Midrange as the Standard player for his team. He thinks the current format is great with a good amount of diversity and a lot of play to it.

When it came down to cards in his deck, he really liked Kaito Shizuki and thinks it is well-positioned. He liked Ertai and Hero’s Downfall. Of course, he acknowledged Sheoldred as the MVP and the center of the format.

He is turning his attention to Pioneer this week as he has an RCQ this Saturday. He echoed Sammy’s sentiments on the Orzhov Scam deck, but for Modern, he mentioned that he likes the idea of Sheoldred, the Apocalypse in combination with The One Ring.

I’d like to end this piece by congratulating all the teams that made top 8! Keith Capstick, Daniel Fournier and Omar Beldon are no strangers to having top performances on the F2F Tour and they managed to finish in top 4 for this one. Fournier came out of retirement for this event.

Our next event is in Saskatoon where there’s a special Commander Masters Sealed event going on with the guys from Commander Cookout! Psst… There’s an oversized Jeweled Lotus on the line. To see when the upcoming F2F Tour events are, visit F2FTour.com!

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