First Strike #115 – Everyone gets a planeswalker & the Mythic Invitational

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KYT, Elliot, and Andy are joined by Jonathan Medina as they look at which decks in Modern will benefit from the London mulligan, co-streaming the Mythic Invitational, and all those War of the Spark planeswalkers.

(00:01:22) Based on its results in the two F2F Opens this past weekend, is it fair to say Izzet Phoenix is the best deck in Modern? Are Amulet Titan or Grixis Death’s Shadow in danger of being dethroned?
(00:14:27) How strong will the London mulligan be for decks trying to sculpt the perfect opening hand? What impact will it have on deck construction and number of lines? What are the top decks that will benefit from the new mulligan?
(00:26:34) How wise is the WotC co-streaming announcement for the PAX Mythic Invitational stream? Why is this a great opportunity for up-and-coming streamers?
(00:43:35) What are the Magic finance implications of every pack having a planeswalker in War of the Spark? What will it do to Standard? What limitations will these planeswalkers need in order to remain balanced?

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