First Strike #77 – Streaming and mulligans with Gab Tsang and David Rood

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KYT, Andy, and Derek welcome Pro Tour Atlanta 2005 Team winners and Canadian Magic legends Gab Tsang and Dave Rood, as well as veteran streamer Travis Sowers.

  • (00:03:31) Andy’s team won the F2F Toronto Team Trios Constructed. What decks did they play in Modern and Standard?
  • (00:15:01) Why does Derek feel [card]Ravenous Chupacabra[/card] is insane? And is this one of the best Standard formats in years? Is Dominaria also one of the best limited sets in years?
  • (00:26:10) Why did Gab Tsang and Dave Rood step away from Magic, and what brought them back?
  • (00:35:07) How does Gab prepare for a tournament now, compared to how he used to back in the day? How does the southern Ontario Magic now compared to when Gab and Dave won the Pro Tour?
  • (00:47:30) How do Dave and Gab feel about Dominaria limited? How many Legends is the right number? And is [card]Navigator’s Compass[/card] worth playing? And does Travis Sowers disagree? Which cards are their Limited all-stars this format?
  • (01:05:56) How deep is white in Dominaria limited? Why does Travis love streaming MTGArena? What is Derek’s secret to successful streaming?
  • (01:17:36) Why does Travis almost never mulligan in limited? What is the golden rule for mulligans in limited? But why does Derek mulligan aggressively in limited? Most importantly, who is right?

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Kar Yung Tom – @KYTmagic
Andy Robdrup – @AndyAWKWARD
Derek Pite – @misplacedginger
David Rood – @drood519
Gab Tsang – @Gab_Tsang
Travis Sowers – @Semulin

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.