First Strike #79 – Team Crotts/Blum/Smith top 4s Toronto!

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KYT, Derek, and Andy are joined by Jennifer Crotts, Tyler Blum, and Robert Smith after their top 4 appearance in the Team Trios Constructed Grand Prix Toronto last weekend.

  • (00:03:04) How did the team get put together for Grand Prix Toronto? How did they assign each Constructed format to the player, and picking decks?
  • (00:09:41) What were everyone’s individual records? Did they ever feel that they were facing players unfamiliar with the format? What did they predict for the Standard metagame?
  • (00:23:51) Why was [card]Bomat Courier[/card] in Jen’s sideboard? How is the Team Constructed metagame different from normal constructed?
  • (00:29:08) How does it feel now being qualified for the Pro Tour? Does Team Trios Constructed feel any different than Team Limited?
  • (00:38:16) Does winning a Grand Prix feel less prestigious now that there are more GP events, and less coverage?
  • (00:47:57) So… what happened to Derek and Andy’s Grand Prix? Why did Derek feel that GB Snake in Standard failed, and what deck did Andy wish he had played for Standard?

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Jennifer Crotts – @jencrotts
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Robert Smith – @RobertRCSmith

First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.