First Strike #81 – Ninth at Pro Tour Dominaria with Morgan McLaughlin

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KYT, Andy, Derek, and Rob chat with Morgan McLaughlin about his 9th place finish at Pro Tour Dominaria, the Standard deck he chose, and some of the judge calls on coverage.

  • (00:04:50) With less than a month after his Grand Prix win in Toronto, what was Morgan’s preparation like for the Pro Tour? Why did he cut the Toolcraft Exemplars from his WB Grand Prix-winning deck? What other changes did he make to the deck for the Pro Tour?
  • (00:18:14) What has Rob been brewing in the lab lately? And was Derek surprised that people played BG Snake at the Pro Tour? So after the Pro Tour, what is the best deck to play on MTGO Leagues right now?
  • (00:24:49) What did Morgan take away from his on-camera loss to Owen?
  • (00:29:17) Why does Morgan not draft a lot for his Pro Tour preparation?
  • (00:35:13) Was it right to call a judge for sequencing during that final match at the Pro Tour? What other stories does Morgan have from the tournament?
  • (00:44:44) Is UB too slow a deck for the Pro Tour? Is playing carefully a weakness, or a sign of strength?
  • (00:58:14) Why are so many of the team RPTQs are being capped at 50-64 teams? Can anything be done to salvage the situation?

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First Strike is a Magic: The Gathering debate-style podcast hosted that discusses the week’s hottest competitive and social topics of the game.