GP Toronto News – Canada Defends!

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by Kar Yung Tom

The goal of Mana Deprived has been to return Canada back to the upper echelons of the MTG world.  Jonathan Smithers has made the first big leap for us by defending Canadian soil and taking down GP Toronto.  Congratulations to Smithers!  More about GP Toronto inside…

Here, at Mana D, I feel it is important to highlight the Canadian stars that we have.  We definitely have talent, but over the course of the last couple of years, we have largely gone unnoticed except for Jay Elarar (the biggest bad-ass on the Pro Tour).  According to Wizards, Smithers was actually described as just another guy who got a lucky pool and wouldn't last in draft.

Smithers has been considered one of the best players from Ottawa for quite some time now.  A week ago, he made top 8 at a Scars Limited PTQ and while watching him calmly make certain plays at the GP, anybody could tell that this guy is indeed legit.  Clearly not someone who would not last in draft.  I expect to see more success coming from Smithers in the future.

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Samuel Tharmaratnam is another player that had an impressive finish at GP Toronto, finishing in 11th place.  It has been quite the year for Sammie T as he is not only the current Provincials Champion of Ontario, he is also the current National Qualifiers Champion of Ontario.  Other accomplishments include being the brains behind Kyle Duncan's Jund deck that placed in the top 4 of Canadian Nationals.  Definitely someone who has the chops to build Constructed decks.

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As much as I want to highlight more Canadians, Wizards made it impossible by completing screwing up the country everyone was supposed to be representing.  In fact, according to their stats, I am an American, so if there's someone you feel needs a shout-out, leave their name in the comments section below.

Mana Deprived's GP Toronto Contest

There was a lot of controversy over the hosting of my contest, but the Head Judge of GP Toronto, Jason Lemahieu, was kind enough to offer me his advice as to what I should be doing with all this.  He assured me that while everything is legal, it might not be good for the game.  The DCI needs to keep gambling as far away from Magic as possible.  With that in mind, the winner of the contest will be determined randomly at some point this week.  Apologies to those who had Smithers on their team.

As a side note, a lot of you did not join the contest due to the lack of Twitter.  Twitter is free and I guarantee that if your name is Kyle Duncan, you might just end up using it more than Facebook Mobile.  Trust me.

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