GP Toronto Pick’em

After a brief disappearance, the GP Toronto Pick'em game is back and here to stay.  Get inside quickly to choose the 5 players you want on your team before someone swipes the same combination.

The Contest

Choose 5 Canadian players.  They form your team.  The goal is to be the person whose team wins the most money at the GP.

How to Enter

– You must have a Twitter account.  If you have one, you must be following @manadeprived.  If you do not have one, go get one right here.  It is actually really fast to make one.

– To submit your entry, simply reply to this post with your team and your Twitter username.

– You may not choose the exact same team as someone else.  This is important.

Possible Selections

One of the things I want to accomplish with this contest is to be able to highlight some of our Canadian talent.  No one really knows who we are and by inciting people to follow our progress at the GP, maybe we can increase a bit of awareness.  To help you guys out, I have listed the Canadian National team along with Team Mana Deprived.  I have also provided the names of a few people whom I know are attending and have a high DCI total rating.  Actually, why don't I include everyone's DCI total rating?

Canadian National Team
Jasar Elarar (2170) – 2009, 2010 Canadian National Champion
Vincent Thibeault (1898)
Pascal Maynard (1841)
Kyle Duncan (1903)

Team Mana Deprived
Alexander Hayne (1866)
Dan Kramer (1993)
Noah Long (2102) – Not attending
Doug Potter (1844) – Not attending
Justin Richardson (1892) – 2010 Quebec Provincial Champion
Vincent Thibeault (1898)
Kar Yung Tom (1855)
Adam Yurchick (2016) – Not Canadian

Other Notables
David Schnayer (2017)
Marcel Angelo Zafra (1976)
Dan McDonald (1956)
Samuel Tharmaratnam (1951) – 2010 Ontario Provincial Champion
Phil Samms (1931)
Guillaume Cardin (1930)
Francis Cormier (1921)
Taylor Putnam (1907)
Dan Lanthier (1907) – 2008 Canadian National Champion
Francis Toussaint (1892)
Joey Smith (1859)
Mauro Bongiovanni (1856)
Andrew Noworaj (1854)

If you are a fan of the Eh Team podcast, Scott MacCallum (@MrScottyMac) will be there and so will his son, Alex.

The Prize

The main reason why this contest was put up earlier in the week and rapidly shut down was because I was not aware that I was possibly breaking some DCI rules.  Since then, I have actually gone through all the trouble of contacting high-level judges and the government itself in order to get an answer as to whether I could do this or not.  Based on what I gathered from these sources, I can.

Of course, I wish to be 100% sure that I can.  Sadly, no one from GP Toronto has responsed to any of my attempts of contact, so the plan right now is to give out a prize to a random participant of this contest.

I am looking to give the random a choice between a Primeval Titan or two Baneslayer Angels.  They may also ask for something of similar value, provided that I actually own it.

Good luck and have fun,



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