HeavyMeta – End of an Era

Hey HMSVU it’s me, Mattystudios, and it’s time we all had a talk that a lot of you knew was coming. It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am announcing the end of the podcast HeavyMeta as you knew it.

Many of you are saying WHYYYYY????!!! You guys survived so much how can you go out like this?

Well, it’s the little things that in the end ate away at the one resource we could not kickstart, go fund me, or accept from any of you. Time. Time that we all started to find hard to save for the show. We all were caught up in life devoting to our families, jobs and improving ourselves. At the end of a week we had little time left in our days. Add to that 5 people with vastly different schedules who lived a continent across from one another and you have a recipe that is very hard to maintain.

In the end we tried very hard to get one last final year end cast in but the universe said we are past due and the bank would not lend us any more time. I decided it was time to rip the band-aid off instead of letting it fester any longer. I hope you all understand.

This does not mean it is the end of the HMSVU. Far from it. In fact I believe that the community will continue to grow strong and gather more members over time as you all have put so much love, compassion, and downright amazingness into it over the years that it’s damn near immortal.

It is time for a new generation to step up and take the reigns, tell stories, and shine in the spotlight.

Each member of the cast wanted to share a final thought below:

MattyStudios: I had hoped that I could return to the show in some format after I took some time off to get my businesses up and running, but in truth they required a lot more effort than I predicted and my return soon became a fantasy that many did not want to come to terms with. I love them for it I really do. The end of the show falls on no one’s shoulders but mine. For that I apologize to all the fans but more importantly my cast mates. They really are all like brothers to me and I am enriched for having met them and all of the SVU for that matter. I am going to try and make an appearance here and there on other podcasts when I have time so it’s not the last you will hear of the old man. Trust me. Thank you HMSVU for one hell of a run.

KevyMetal: Gooooooooooooooooooooo fuck yourself San Diegoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Tristan Shaun Gregson: I found the Heavy Meta family back in its infancy to be an extremely passionate family both in the casters themselves as well as the community at large. It was because of this that I found myself guesting on the show so often in those days and finally becoming a full fledged blood brother a few years ago now. It was a difficult time for my relationship with the game and those that played it back then so I can’t thank the SVU enough for embracing me as they did in those early days of the show.

To me there is no better example of how strong and compassionate a community centered around a game can be then all of you who brought me into this fold and then supported me these last few years. My god man, the SVU fought the good fight against the tyranny that once tried to take me off the cast while also giving me the opportunity to visit family in Toronto in 2015. Of course I’ll also greatly miss the weekly meeting around the mics that was our group, Matty’s energy and excitement is unmatched, seriously go back and listen to how pumped he was about Born of the Gods versus how it turned out, Kevy’s nightly descent into drunken oblivion truly marked the passage of time every week, and Dave had the best perspective because if Kevy ever got really out of line he could actually just drive down the road and knock some sense into him. Then there’s Tony, the man who literally has the brand on his chest and on a whim flew three thousands miles to preserve the family that is our cast.

What more can you say about these guys, they’re just the best and I’ll miss having a weekly scheduled meeting with them to talk about some of our favorite things. Of course shoutout to Robot Large and of course Josh @TheProxyGuy as well as KYT for allowing us to get away with the things we have over the years. Lastly, anybody out there looking for a Magic related podcast host who refuses to setup his own recording software, pay for hosting services, or give you 100% of his attention during hockey season?

Raging Gumby: Let me just start by saying that this is incredibly difficult for me. I have struggled mightily on what to say. So I’ll just keep it to what I know. I know that I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been a part of this community. When I say community I don’t mean the magic community I mean the heavy meta SVU. I know that the friends and family I’ve gained are not ending. I know that I’ll continue to interact and be a part of it as I hope everyone else will as well. What this cast meant and what it spawned is something special. Something that can’t be dissolved by the dissolution of the cast itself. You have always been what made this cast great. I will always be a part of the SVU and I will always cherish the memories of having been a host. I have way too many people to thank and to shout out. To highlight individual memories would take more words and time then anyone would ever care to read. I will say that my fellow hosts are brothers and the SVU are family as well. I know this sucks. I know it hurts. I also know it’s what has to happen. I know this isn’t the end.

Tony Cameron: I feel like starting with the name of my favourite Lamb Of God song was appropriate. Like all my favourite heavy metal artists there is beauty in devastation. There is a phoenix to rise from all ashes. And that phoenix is you. The HMSVU, me. It’s us. The phoenix is our legacy.

I have a permanent reminder of how we all changed each other’s lives. ON MY CHEST! From Slick Jagger’s first poutine to fan grilling meeting MattyStudios for the first time (He was wearing sweat pants, just saying!) to GP Vegas and a crazy whirlwind weekend in LA with TSG and Kevy. These are my life highlights. These are my friends. Always will be.

Right now just isn’t the right time or place for Heavy Meta to continue… Getting together for the last few weeks has been a nightmare. Kevy and Matty have kids, I am at Face To Face Games Toronto, TSG and Gumby are working harder than ever (Kevy too, I guess) and the universe never slows down. So here we are…

My final thought are exactly the opposite. They are not final at all. I am not dead. I am not gone.
Check me out doing big things with http://MTGFrontier.com and Face To Face Games Toronto and as always on Twitter. After all, ask anyone, I am @Aw3someEveryDay! Love you all.

The Closer
As one who appreciates a good ending more than he should, please before you read these final words, please start playing this track

Reflecting back all the way to the beginning of a little, silly joke of a cast we all have come to the realization that we got to create one of the best fucking podcast ever in the golden age of Magic content. For that we are all proud to have been the ones to make so many of you piss your pants laughing from storytime or the #TwitterHole, try new formats because we were so hyped on it or even send us crazy emails about how much we sucked. We love you all. Thank you for your time you gave to us so freely.

I proclaim one last order from the founder of the HMSVU. We all meet every two years in the desert to drink our fill, sling some cardboard and laugh with friends till we pass out. So let it be written. So it shall be done.

I end this letter to the fans with a quote that fits better than any I could create . .

“Remember us.” As simple an order as a king can give. “Remember why we died.” For he did not wish tribute or song. No monuments, no poems of war and valour. His wish was simple: “Remember us,” he said to me. That was his hope.

The Cast & Crew of HeavyMeta

7 thoughts on “HeavyMeta – End of an Era”

  1. The Universe always catches up. I’ve greatly enjoyed being part of the extended family and I promise anyone who shows up in Montreal a warm welcome as ever. Thanks for all the great moments this cast provided, I enjoyed everyone who made the show what it is. We’re moving onto a new stage, it’s not the end, but a new beginning.

  2. NOOOOOO! I knew this was coming but it tears me up inside. I have enjoyed maybe hundreds of hours of your content and will forever thank you for you contribution and stories you shared.

    Love you guys as anyone can love their favorite podcast of all time. I’ll miss you guys, take care and live fulfilling lives. Thank you.

    ~Nicholas/ Reginaldrum61 /HMSVU member.

  3. (insert emoji for saddest face ever)
    I will miss listening. I even went on a trip and went to the crest and went to Just Imagine because of all of the crazyness spoken about it over the cast (I’m from Canada – this wasn’t a simple trip). I’m saddened to see you guys throw in the towel – and look forward to following your other endeavours. I will have to watch closer on twitter to be sure not to miss the next GP Vegas party… or perhaps even better – GPCrest!
    Best Wishes

  4. I remember being a beta listener for the first episode and having a blast. You guys should be proud of the community you helped foster.

  5. You did not just set the bar.

    You forged it in the fires of passion, hammered it with alcoholic ranting, tempered it in tears of laughter, and held it aloft as an example for others.

  6. Great job guys. I have fond memories of listening to the pilot episode. I didn’t want another Eh Team clone but you guys had a distinct sound that I just completely fell in love with.


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