Mana Deprived Acquires Dan Kramer!

In spirit of the NHL free agency season, Mana Deprived is proud to announce our acquisition of Dan Kramer. Dan has been an unrestricted free agent ever since Carta Magica had a change in ownership. We were able to get Dan's attention due to our goal of wanting to highlight Canada's best players. Dan believes that there should be more cooperation and collaboration between all Canadians for high level events and that Mana Deprived might be the right first step towards the unison of Canadian players.

When I started competitive Magic roughly six years ago, Dan’s name came up in various conversations. He was considered one of Canada’s best players at the time, so when he asked me if he could join Mana D, there was no doubt as to what my answer would be. Dan will be sharing his expertise in Limited on Mana Deprived.

Please give our newest team member a warm welcome!


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(Not of Manadeprived) John

Woot! More good players (good writers too), thanks for bringing in more talent


John, why the need to tell us you are "Not of Manadeprived"?

Thanks for appreciating the effort. People would not want to join Mana D without your support.


I approve of this product and/or message.