Mana Deprived Fundraiser Update

Hey guys,

I wanted to post this up as a quick friendly reminder that this is the last week of the Mana Deprived Fundraiser which also means this is your last chance to get a Limited Edition Mana Deprived hoodie. Originally, I had set the deadline to October 15th which is today, but I am extending this deadline to Friday.

For more details on prizes you can win from this fundraiser, check out the original post here:

I wanted to also take a chance here to clear up any confusion by answering a few questions.

When will I get my hoodie, DAMNIT?

The order will be made at the end of this week, which means I should receive the hoodies next week. I will then ship them to each of you individually, so you can expect them to arrive in your hands no later than early November.

Why did some people get their hoodies early?

That is because I had to make a very early order for a few players that were going to be at Pro Tour Return to Ravnica. Some of the people that donated early were part of this order.

Will I be able to order a hoodie later on in the future?

The short answer is no. I am not saying this to incite more sales. It’s just that there is not enough demand for me to be making another bulk order in the near future.

Of course, our good friend Fabio (thefabulous_1 on Twitter) decided that everyone should get a shot at a hoodie. If you donate at least $5 to the Mana Deprived Fundraiser, you will get a chance to win a free hoodie.

Again, for all the info on how to donate, refer to our original post here:


I will end this post with a few testimonials. I managed to find a few comments from those who got their hoodie early.


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