Mana Deprived News – The Future, New Member and T-Shirts


Mana Deprived has been gaining significant exposure over the last week.  A site that used to get 12 unique visitors a day now attracts approximately 300 of them on a daily basis.  Chapin and Flores even referenced us in their latest articles.  With all of that said, I am going to take this opportunity to review the direction of Mana Deprived, introduce our newest team member and display the initial design of the official Mana Deprived t-shirt.

A few days ago, I posted the RUG Vengevine list.  My friend Adrian IMed me immediately about it.  I asked him how he knew so quickly that I had made a new post.  He told me that when he opens his browser, it brings up SCG, Channel Fireball and Mana Deprived automatically for him.  That made me smile.  Other people have told me the same thing.  To be placed side by side (on their browsers) next to the biggest names in the industry is quite the honor.  Of course, none of this would be possible without our initial fan base that has been spreading the word for us.  Mucho gracias.

As I have stated in my very first post on this site, the goal is not to compete with any of the big boys.  We just want to bring something unique to the table, so you have to check us out as much as you check them out.  Moving forward, I feel it's important for not only our followers, but myself as well, to outline our unique features.  You guys can let me know what I am missing.

  • I want us to be the #1 resource for Constructed videos on many different formats.  We will happily let LSV keep his crown on draft videos.
  • I want us to be the #1 English resource for Japanese technology.  The results of GP Sendai were posted on Mana Deprived before any other English-based site.  With the help of our newest member (more on that below), we hope to continue this trend of being on top of everything Japanese.
  • I want us to feature Canadian and MTGO talent in an effort to differentiate us from the other sites.  The core of the team is Canadian (some of the best in the country) and we already have one of the most successful MTGO players on board in bolov0.  I have recently contacted Nihil198571, the current leader in the MTGO Player of the Year race, and there is definite interest in a future project together.  It helps that both of us are Chinese.

Now, let me introduce you all to the newest member of Team Mana Deprived: Alex Lin.  Living in Tokyo, Alex's main responsibility can be defined as being our Japan Insider.  From time to time, he will be updating us on any relevant news or tech coming from Japan.  With a good grasp of both the English and the Japanese language, he will also be translating particular articles for us as well.  In fact, I will be posting a deck tech on the RUG Vengevine deck later on in the day that Alex has translated.  The official MTG team told us that they were going to provide the deck tech on Day 2 via, but that never happened, so I guess that's why we will be doing it.

Canadian Nationals is coming in less than 3 weeks.  Doug has told me that he would definitely wear a Mana Deprived t-shirt at the event should I ever decide to create one.  With the help of my graphics designer, Elisha Leo, I have done just that.  Check out the design below.  You can click on the picture to see an enlarged version of it.


The few people who I have shown this design to have asked me about the logo.  The logo is simply our version of the letter M (look at our banner).  What do you guys think?  I think it is cool, yet classy at the same time.  Another question would be to ask if any of you guys would buy one to support the site.  Now, I personally would never buy a Channel Fireball or SCG t-shirt because even though I am a fan of these sites, I do not feel connected to them in any way.

I hope you guys feel differently with Mana Deprived.  I try my best to reply to every single comment that I receive, but sometimes, I just do not know what to say.  Spanner, Sigmaa, Mr. Peebuddy, Ed and Rui_pf, thanks for the feedback
on my last post.  I really do read and appreciate every single comment.  I have read many SCG articles where the author encourages readers to post questions in the forums yet they themselves are nowhere to be found.  I do not want that type of experience here.

Until next time,


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I think you're doing a great job with the site!

MTG videos are the way forward and are much better than articles. Watching a video with someone explaining their thoughts and plays is both fun and interesting.

Every day I check the various magic sites for video content and your site is often high on the list of sites that don't disappoint!

Keep up the good work 🙂

– Tom

P.S How much are the T-shirts going to be (including postage to the UK) and when do they go on sale?


1) You are competing with the big boys. Intentionally or otherwise. You are bringing magic content in. That's just how it works.

2)The shirt is awesome looking. Nice and simple design too. That being said, I would consider buying one if I became part of the team…..I'll see what I can offer,lol. If you have no idea who I am, talk to Doug.

3)You may want to be able to respond to every comment we make, but we as readers have to realize that's going to be an impossibility. Especially as this site grows and you are forced to go over/create more content and spread yourself thinner. It's easy to do now while the site is still growing.


Yes, he has told me about you, Fox. You coming to Nationals?


I definitely like the videos as they are awesome for matchup and play analysis for short term. Things like Ruel vs Ruel on Starcity, or theory articles would get dry as video/audio for anything remotely lengthy. I find it's easier to read those types of articles than view them.


Um, no. Long story short, I was supposed to be q'ed on rating but got screwed.


Welcome Alex! And is there any chance of a white t-shirt?


The shirt looks nice, the only problem I have with it is that I would assume you'd want the website address to pop out a little more.


I will get Elisha to work on that immediately. Thanks for the potential interest!


I have asked Elisha to make some modifications to make the URL more apparent. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks TomBoyd. I will get a better idea on the price once I get a better feel for the interest in the t-shirts. They will be available very soon as I have to get them ready for Nationals.

Jake Meszaros

I would definitely waer the shirt, and get that damn camera for real life videos!


And now, a love letter to This is awesome, great to see your plans and goals becoming more refined and focused (not that they weren't before, but the communication is encouraging). You guys are doing a great job connecting with the community in a unique way, this site feels to me like a collaborative effort between the readers and the writers in that we actually get responses from the writers and thus engage in discourse and analysis which is perfect for me because that's the primary way I learn.

Another thing I love. New Tech. On many sites you only get coverage of the current t1 set of decks. The articles on deck lists are stagnate for a while and when they do "innovate" it's all about changing around a few cards here and there. It often feels very recycled. You guys are doing a great job of mixing it up, bringing us videos of current favorites playing against the newest brew of Mike Flores or using the newest brews (and now Japanese Tech w00t!). This keeps the site fresh and keeps the readers interested.

I know when I go to SCG I will see an article on typical T1 builds (often a few weeks behind the evolution of the meta) and that's boring. However their strategy articles by Chapin and others are invaluable to the game. CF brings great draft vids (which is awesome because draft is the worst part of my game) and some interesting articles about tweaking this or that T1 deck, some really good tournament reports and some awesome articles about the mental game from Saito. ManaDeprived, I never know what I'm gonna find but I sure as hell know it's going to be interesting and I'm never disappointed.

I love the openness of the writers here, that you guys don't believe yourselves to be infallible.

I will definitely buy a friggin t-shirt and it's my hope to get good and maybe be able to contribute to the site with vids or articles at some point.

I've checked this site multiple times per day, every day since I accidentally ended up watching one of your games against Flores' u/w eldrazi back in early June. Grats on the growth of the site, I'm happy to see it flourish I'm sure it will continue to do so for a good time.


What a great idea to support the site! It truly is becoming an awesome spot for hot magic info. With the shirt on, I should have no problems spotting you at Nationals or in PTQs in Montréal. If I do, I'll be sure to say hello.

Geoff Bell

KYT- i must say that im really impressed with where u have taken this site…all the times talking to you on MTGO, im glad u have gone from an idea to reality with a great deal of enthusiasm and pride! Keep up all the good work and keep us posted on the cost of the shirts!


KYT Much love as always, for the site. This Site is everything I want in a site, I come here like 4x a day every day to see what you have cooked up, I produce videos for the site and I still feel like a kid in a candy store when I check out all the amazing stuff you find out there and come up with. I am proud to be a member of the team, and will wear Mana Deprived logo at nats with pride. Keep it up mang!

I'd buy one cap, mostly to help the site (wich is awesome btw). just tell us when and how much :p


I much prefer seeing the video than reading an article, simply because it lets me take in all the information that the writer would have had available – I can see the state of the board, how it got there, what his hand is like, how many cards his opponents have, life totals etc. Then I can see what decision I would make in that context, and compare it to what the player actually did.

Subliminal things that definitely effect your decision making process, but that a writer might not include in an article (and, in fact, that would probably make an article extremely boring to read due to the sheer amount of information).

I mean for some things, an article is preferential, simply because a video will generally only cover one game/match/series, where as an article can be much more abstract. But there are so many theory articles around already, where as this site could really have a strong niche by providing quality constructed videos, both of playtesting/matchups and tournament play.

Anyway, I really like the site KYT. Keep up the good work!

Michael Lambert 50

Great job and keep it up. I myself have my browser set to open up manadeprived, channel fireball,and blackborder. As always if you need help with anything just ask the black man and i will help.


I also have this website thumbnailed on my home browser. Great to see this site getting exposure. The design is awesome btw, and I would wear one during nationals, but my limited skill of playing would probably bring this site down.


If your t-shirts aren't simply reserved for staff and article contributors (I gladly would post articles, but I'm not even in the running for being one of the best in the country, so it wouldn't be right for me to do so) I would totally wear a Mana Deprived shirt at Nats. I ALSO have this site, TCGPlayer (because I like reading Conley Woods and Frank Lepore's articles and i dont have a SCG acct.), and as of late MTGSalvation open as soon as Firefox loads because I love reading fresh, intuitive canadian articles on Magic, and it's a shame no one does this in Ontario anymore (We used to have MTGOntario, but I don't think anyone even uses it anymore, other than stores posting Legacy tourneys).

Anyways, if you're selling shirts at the nats location on Friday (at the grinders), spread the word, and I'll come find you; since I'll be trying to find people to practice drafting with anyways.


Time to chime in as one of the original followers of the site. Having spoken with you on modo plenty of times, I think you're doing wonders for the community KYT. I know how hard it must be to keep the fresh content a-flowing, but you consistently put out great stuff. I can only see amazing things happening from here on out, and honestly predict this to be one of the premier sites in a few months time. As far as apparel, count me in, if only to support the growth of the site and give you some cash flow to do great things with it. I like to see the staff expanding, and with more staff comes more content. I'm sure it won't be too hard to find guest article writers to contribute at all. Keep up the fantastic work, and know that you are contributing to the community on a daily basis.



Thank you, Adam. I will always remember you as one of the original followers of Mana Deprived. It is very touching to me to see you post on pretty much every single thing I have personally contributed to the site.


Based on the feedback, there will hopefully be many of us wearing that shirt at events. Good luck spotting me then!


Thanks for being my moral support. You were there for me during the rough times when I had no clue about what I was doing. Now, months of experience has finally culminated into this amazing site and you are still here, cheering me on. Thanks again, Geoff.


The t-shirts are definitely open to anyone. With any luck, you will be able to spot me since I will be wearing one of these babies.


Thanks for being here since day 1. There are many monetary costs that come with maintaining Mana Deprived. I have yet to figure out how I am going to solve this particular problem. Selling t-shirts was an easy decision to make because I myself want to wear one.

My primary focus still remains on growing the site, even at a loss. I created this place to share my MTG experiences, not to make money.


sup KYT, hope to see you friday! ill prolly be interested in one of these as well. I check your site for updates everyday myself 😛 Keep it up.. talk to you online.


Good work KYT,

I'm very proud of what you did and this site is very cool !
I look at new post as often as I can (at least each 2-3 days) to see new stuff and what I see is very interesting. Continue good work guys.

As for the t-shirt, I would be willing to help you have more visibility, just let me know how much it is and how to get it…

See ya,


Francis T

Man, this site has exploded since I last checked up on it. I like the shirt design. Keep up the good work!


where can i get this cool shirt? or if theres a hoodie i would like it to wear at CanNats this coming week. soooo cool



You want a hoodie? It is still crazy hot over here!