Mana Deprived News – Update on T-Shirts


Just wanted to give everyone an update on the official Mana Deprived t-shirts.  I ordered the first batch yesterday.  If you wish to have more information on them or even pre-order one, read on!

First of all, due to the amazing feedback some of you guys gave us, we decided to adjust the logo, so that the URL was more apparent.  Here's the new look:


I think it looks great.  Of course, I want to warn people in advance that the actual product may not look as good as this picture.  This is simply a preview created by my designer.  Only when the t-shirts arrive in my hands will we truly know how these things look in the real world.

Now, we get to the most important part of this update: the price.  Because I have dealt with them before, I decided to choose CafePress.  If I were to buy a single custom t-shirt from them, it would cost $30.50.  However, if I bought in bulk, they could lower the price down.  Ultimately, since I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, I played it safe and ordered 18.  I want to be an open book to you, our loyal followers, so here's my order:


By ordering 18 of them, I was actually able to lower the price down to about $15 a pop.  I don't know how much custom t-shirts are supposed to be worth, but my sister says that it sounds about right because our logo has multiple colors.  With this all said, how much am I going to charge?  I am hoping $19.99 USD with an additional $2 USD shipping regardless of where you are in the world sounds reasonable.  If you are going to be at Canadian Nationals, you can pre-order one and ignore the shipping cost.  As an added bonus, I will keep anyone who buys a t-shirt up-to-date on
what I plan to play at Nationals.  All the proceeds will go towards making Mana Deprived even better than it is right now. 

For the sizes of the 18 t-shirts that I ordered (click on the picture of my order), I tried to distribute them based on my expectations.  I thought L would be the most popular size.  Priority order on the t-shirts will be first-come, first-served.  Don't worry, I will order a second batch immediately if these t-shirts actually fly away quickly.

For more information on the sizes, check out this size chart at CafePress.

To pre-order via Paypal, send me:

– Your address

– The size of the t-shirt that you wish to have

– $19.99 USD + $2 USD Worldwide Shipping

to admin_at_manadeprived_com.

Based on my last order with CafePress, the t-shirts should arrive either this Friday or the beginning of next week.  For any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Until next time,


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