Mana Deprived T-Shirts

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by Kar Yung Tom

The picture up top is of Doug P because he reps Mana Deprived like nobody else does.  Anyways, people have been asking me where they can get a Mana D t-shirt, so I decided to update everyone on the state of our merchandise.


Surprisingly, I am only going to have a little over a dozen t-shirts left by this week.  Here are the sizes of those that are still in my closet.

S: 1

M: 3

L: 5

XL: 4

XXL: 1

The price of each t-shirt is $20 and I actually want to come out and say that I make minimal profit out of this.  I have spent close to $1000 on t-shirts and due to me choosing to give some of them out to certain special people, I am actually deep in the red.

You may pay me on site at GP Toronto or via Paypal to the following address: admin_at_manadeprived_dot_com.  If your choice is to pay me in person, please reserve your size by contacting me as soon as possible.  Leaving a comment to this post would be one way of doing so.


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