Mardu Burn… for the machines

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This podcast contains no actual modern Mardu Burn list but it does eventually get around to why not. There is extensive Magic talk though as your hosts Brian David-Marshall and Michael J. Flores both had a topic of interest.

BDM wanted to dwell on some of the new cards spoiled from Throne of Eldraine — specifically the possibility of the Adventure mechanic allowing for a Rube Goldberg-like buyback mechanic on the spell side.

MichaelJ was talking on the eve of a large local MCQ — no PTQ — wait? still an MCQ? — and he was in full pyro mode talking about his beloved burn deck and all the various permutations from Rakdos to Boros to Naya and even the apocryphal Mardu Burn.

After well more than an hour of Magic talk they turn their attention to what shows they have been watching — which for two very busy guys is a disturbingly large amount of television content.

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Brian David-Marshall – @Top8Games