[Video] Mythical Testing with Adam Yurchick


Hey everyone, KYT here with a quick last-minute update before the beginning of GP Washington.  My good friend, Adam Yurchick, has been unsure of which deck to play and I offered to playtest with him during the last two nights.  We played a LOT of Magic and most of the matches involved one of us playing Mythic, because, as you all must know by now, I think it is THE deck to beat.  Even after our bloodbath sessions, Yurchy is still undecided as to which 75 cards he will be bringing to the battlefield, which again goes to show how pros do not necessary practice what they preach.  Almost everyone waits for last-minute tech.  Pick a deck a week before a tournament?  Who does that?

I decided to make a video to show you some of the games that we played and I feel they really illustrate the power of Mythic.  Some players are adjusting their Jund decks to be more creature-based.  Some are playing Naya decks that have no spot removal whatsoever.  In fact, even Flores is recommending a list that sports no removal outside of main deck Cunning Sparkmages with Basilisk Collars in the sideboard.  In my opinion, Mythic definitely has the edge against that type of deck.  In the video, you will see a game where I curve out perfectly (Leech, Sprouting Thrinax, Vengevine), but still lose because I cannot interact with Sovereigns of Lost Alara.

Enough talk, here’s the video:

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Link: Mythical Testing with Adam Yurchick

Download: Mythical Testing with Adam Yurchick

What will Yurchy ultimately bring?  Probably Vampires.  That’s what he did at Worlds and it would not surprise me if he ends up running something unexpected again.

For of those of you not going to the GP and looking for something to read, I invite you to check out Jake Meszaros’ brand new MTG blog.  It is called Mediocre Magic and with this site, he plans to chronicle his trials and tribulations as he attempts his best to break the 1600 rating barrier.  The address is meszaros93.wordpress.com.

Until next time,


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Vampires deck are making a comeback right now. They still lose to jund most of the time,but the meta is heavy white so I think its a good choice.I'm testing B/R agro decks, either the mono red variants with vandetta/deathmark in sideboard and the vampires variants with black knights, terminates, doom blades, malakir bloodwitch, lightning bolt blightning etc.

At least with those decks you can actually play magic and have a chance against 6 mana turn 3 mythics who unleash a bunch of robocops on you!


you misplayed during the naya vengevine vs mythic matchup. You scooped a game where you won @ 6mins:42.

your field was cobra, ranger, nacatl nactal

lands were mountain stirring.

your hand was terramorphic, sunpetal, vengevine

Your play was terramorphic, float green with cobra, fetch plains (nacatl becomes a 3/3), float green, tap 2 lands, play vengevine swing for 15.


You are most definitely right, Adrian. I conceded because I mis-clicked the land I wanted to play. I did mention that I was going to lose anyways, which turns out to be completely wrong. Fetching a Plains allows me to win that game, though one wonders how the game would have turned out had he actually had the Sejiri Steppe. Nice eye, Kone and thanks for watching.

Showing these videos to guys like you and Flores is only going to improve my play. Though I am going to have to swallow up my pride and know that I am going to look like a complete idiot sometimes, haha.


i wont comment on what adrian said in regards to the missplays, its things that happen , especially at that hour, What i would like to see to insure that time is not wasted is overall match results for sets of say 5+ games, seeing a few games where people have ideal hands is less then helpful, it just shows what the deck can do , and isnt very informative, perhaps mentioning something like, we played 10 games, mythic got 7 wins and only lost 3 times, can atleast be more helpful to those watching, I personally am more interested in knowing about the odds of certain match ups , then what the deck can do, I think everyone knows how mythic works.

Another Suggestion would be to reveal the exact lists your playing, and also give sideboard tech, although probably best saved for an article, it would be again alot more helpful then watching a bunch of turn 3 or 4 soverigns


Thanks for the great feedback, Nick. I agree with all of your points.

I will try to provide more useful content as I gain more experience in the realm of videos.

Jake Meszaros

I'm a 1641 Thank you very much! 😛


Brainstorm before you crack the fetch with 5 lands in hand?


You are going to have to tell me the exact time of the video, Thomas.


@ 8:21 you play a fetch, activate colonnade, bash and then brainstorm.Maybe better to brainstorm before attacking – you get to flush two lands and maybe there's a change of plans?

I tend to use Jace's first two abilities before I do anything else if I can to get maximum information and options.


Thomas, I am going to have to ask you to sign in using some sort of account, so that I can recognize you in the future as you are giving me great feedback.

I made a few mistakes in that sequence. The turn before, I Brainstorm and put back two fetchlands on top of library, when I should have just kept those two fetches for Jace.

@8:21, I believe the correct play is to crack a fetch and Brainstorm as I know the top of my deck is a land. Doing all of this before attacking. Are we in agreement here? Nice of you to see misplays in a relic of Mana Deprived. You must be a big fan!