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Recapping Vancouver & Regina Opens

We had another double Tour Stop weekend this past Sunday. This time, the F2F Tour was visiting the cities of Vancouver and Regina.

90 players ended up competing in our Vancouver Modern Open and Alex Hatch brought back a deck I haven’t seen in a long time within the F2F Tour circuit to the mountain top. Mono Red Eldrazi! Not sure the last time the duo of Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smash made top 8 of an F2F Open.

I can’t help but notice the variety in the decklists among the Vancouver and Regina top 8. Sure, there’s 3 copies of Murktide Regent in total but it looks like you can play Yawgmoth, Burn, Izzet Prowess, UW Emeria, the list goes on.

In Regina, 42 players came prepared to battle and as has been the case many times over the last year, a very familiar name emerges on top. Kyle Gellert is triumphant once again, adding to his already stellar F2F Open resume.

I believe this is Kyle’s 8th (!!!) top 8 at an Open. Bosu was right to hype this kid to me years ago.

Nothing too crazy. Just a solid a Murktide Regent list. One thing that piqued my interest from the top 8 is the re-emergence of some 4c lists post-Yorion ban. Which approach do you think is best?

That’s it for our Cycle 2 Opens! Up next are our two biggest events of the year – our very first F2F Tour Weekends. To learn more about these events, check out!

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