Shawn Seguin Wins MDSS 2015 North Bay!

The Mana Deprived Super Series made its way to North Bay for the first time this past weekend.


It seems as though Mono Red and Esper Dragons have cemented their spot as the two decks to beat in this Standard format, and the trend continued in North Bay. In the end, it was Shawn Seguin and his army of goblins that took down Esper Dragons in the finals, securing the MDSS Champion title.

Mono Red – Shawn Seguin (1st)

21 Mountain
4 Dragon Fodder
2 Hall of Triumph
4 Hordeling Outburst
4 Lightning Strike
4 Stoke the Flames
4 Wild Slash
3 Eidolon of the Great Revel
4 Foundry Street Denizen
2 Goblin Heelcutter
2 Lightning Berserker
4 Monastery Swiftspear
2 Zurgo Bellstriker
2 Chandra, Pyromaster
1 Arc Lightning
2 Magmatic Chasm
3 Roast
2 Scouring Sands
1 Eidolon of the Great Revel
3 Searing Blood
1 Goblin Heelcutter


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