Stephen Whelan Wins MDSS 2015 St. John’s!

Congratulations to Stephen Whelan for winning our MDSS Standard tournament in St. John’s this past weekend!

Stephen is starting to make a name for himself, having clinched the top 8 of the most recent Grand Prix Montreal. In that particular tournament, he ultimately fell to the eventual winner and Player of the Year Mike Sigrist in the quarterfinals. It looks like we will need to keep an eye on Mr. Whelan in the near future.

Stephen took down the St. John’s tournament with a fairly common Jeskai build but his version includes 2 copies of Standard’s hottest card in Hangarback Walker.

Jeskai Aggro – Stephen Whelan (1st)

3 Battlefield Forge
4 Flooded Strand
2 Island
1 Mountain
4 Mystic Monastery
2 Plains
3 Shivan Reef
3 Temple of Epiphany
3 Temple of Triumph
2 Dig Through Time
1 Jeskai Charm
3 Lightning Strike
3 Magma Spray
3 Ojutai’s Command
2 Roast
2 Stoke the Flames
2 Valorous Stance
3 Goblin Rabblemaster
2 Hangarback Walker
4 Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy
4 Mantis Rider
2 Soulfire Grand Master
2 Stormbreath Dragon
3 Anger of the Gods
4 Arashin Cleric
2 Glare of Heresy
3 Disdainful Stroke
2 Negate
1 Valorous Stance

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