The Eh Team #101 – Season 2 Flips the Jeweled Bird

Season 2 of the Eh Team kicks off with Episode 101, as the guys spend time with fellow MtG vid- & podcaster Tristan Shaun Gregson.

So did Bonfires really litter the streets? The Eh Team gets the answers: what happened, Tristan’s reaction to the accusations, and who really supported him throughout the events. The team then turns the topic of conversation to the recent Pro Tour Return to Ravnica: the Nivmagus Elemental deck, favourite plays from the top 8 live coverage, and Medina’s live financial coverage of the Pro Tour. They also discuss the impact the Modern Masters reprint expansion might have on the Modern market & metagame, what the top decks in Standard are and why, while Jay rants about casual games during competitive events. The guys talk about TSG’s cube and the reasons for cubing. And Medina makes a JEWEL of a discovery as Jay Boosh showcases an old way to add spice to the game: ante!

Medina’s Notebook: Pro Tour RTR
Aaron Forsythe introduces Modern Masters

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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