The Eh Team #101 – Season 2 Flips the Jeweled Bird

Season 2 of the Eh Team kicks off with Episode 101, as the guys spend time with fellow MtG vid- & podcaster Tristan Shaun Gregson.

So did Bonfires really litter the streets? The Eh Team gets the answers: what happened, Tristan’s reaction to the accusations, and who really supported him throughout the events. The team then turns the topic of conversation to the recent Pro Tour Return to Ravnica: the Nivmagus Elemental deck, favourite plays from the top 8 live coverage, and Medina’s live financial coverage of the Pro Tour. They also discuss the impact the Modern Masters reprint expansion might have on the Modern market & metagame, what the top decks in Standard are and why, while Jay rants about casual games during competitive events. The guys talk about TSG’s cube and the reasons for cubing. And Medina makes a JEWEL of a discovery as Jay Boosh showcases an old way to add spice to the game: ante!

Medina’s Notebook: Pro Tour RTR
Aaron Forsythe introduces Modern Masters

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Eh Team Intro – @mtgcolorpie
Throwing Fire – Ronald Jenkees

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Oh my gosh…. I'm sooo happy right now the Eh Team is back!

My podcast Proudly rips off the Eh team! Suck it Jay!



Paul Feudo

fuck yessssssss

Jolo Vergara de Jesus

WTH happened to ep100?

Sean McClay

20 minutes in and he has not said that he didn't steal the cards. I've seen politicians be more direct.

Sean McClay

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

James Lee Hooper

20 mins in and he hasn't said what was going on but………it make it seems like it's more to the story that he can't legally say.

Michael Pignatelli

Did they skip episode 100?

Eric J. Kooistra

Skipping Ep. 100? Troll level=God Status.

Jacky Tang

i wont be surprised if they post episode 100 on april the first

Joshua Lemish

Glad to hear a new episode. One thing that drove me nuts is the following:

Eh Team "So TSG what happened?"
TSG "People who know me know me and I spoke with police".
Eh Team "But what happened".
TSG "I don't want to bad mouth anyone but I had to turtle up".
Eh Team "Ok we get that but what happened".
TSG "I had a bad relationship with a website, but people know me".
Eh Team "What happened?"
TSG "Well I could not express myself on what happened in a forum with only 140 characters".

At this point I figured…HOLY SHIT, you can post a friggin link to you expressing yourself on Twitter I am sure we would all read it…OR…NOW GET THIS….While you are on the cast giving you FREE REIGN to express yourself you could….EXPRESS yourself instead of…NOT telling us anything…"

He is a good guess but if you ask the guy if he was involved in stealing cards, yes or no, his answer would be "Well zebras like to live in the zoo and people know me while the crow flies east for the winter and I had to turtle up during the summer solstice due to rampant Godzilla attacks while I spoke with police" WHATHAFHAEFHDASDHF?

Still a good guest once you get past that part, I mean shit, he never told us his second wife's name even.

Joshua Lemish

good guest even not good guess.

Kar Yung Tom

We love you Joshua Lemish. One of the best Eh Team fans, NOT close.


“In this episode, TSG proves once and for all that if the gloves don’t fit, you must acquit.”


Holy shit, new intros. And you got TSG on the cast. This is like that punch in the face from a ninja when you’re least expecting it.


Am I the only one who was getting the impression CF framed him! FRAMED HIM! It is a YES or NO question. Did CF Frame you? If yes then this seriously chnages my view of CF and if NO then you stole the cards and you are scumbag. And here I thought NEO was good at bullet time. TSG hands down best evader of a question EVER. Trained by OJ Simpson.


So I feel like you guys just gave me an ollie-oop from John Stockton to Shawn Kemp (me) to tomahawk jam (shotout to jay)  it in rock n jock style… (sorry for all the 90’s references)
So anyway, as for TSG.. It was weird listening to him. When I say weird I mean in the “your daddy hit your mommy, now you are visiting him at jail and he is acting like everything is ok, but you know he was wrong but you still love him”….my childhood was awesome. 
Also, did TSG enroll in law school while he has been gone
Scotty: “so, what happened?”
TSG: “as per thy fore mentioned situations pro per perdium, all trusts and situations there for conclusions result in such”
Hey Shakespeare, how about speaking like a human? at least a 1/1 human, not like a snide 0/1 goat token. 
Shot out to Kevy-metal’s super dope cast as well. Also, shot out to Bryan with a “y”. 
Also, was KYT on this cast?


I must say, the choices for the cast intros are great. Freaking great. Embody everyone’s personalities.
There isn’t a single cast that compares to you guys. They suck the balls. There is no comparison, nor do any come close.  So TSG, how did you acquire those cards. Hilarious. That’s the funniest way to address the elephant in the room. 
So did TSG do it, or did he not do it. Was he exonerated in a court of law? Guilty, not guilty. I was waiting for the ultimate decision in this matter, and it ended with not an answer. 
Stevie, your basketball references amuse me greatly as I am a OKC Thunder fan.!!
All the talk about these decks is excellent. I love hearing your deck talk stuff because those combos and stuff end up being in my commander decks. The Naya Pod Kiki Jiki restoration combo is in my Hazezon Tamar deck, I built infinite Jace loop in my Rafiq deck (let me tell ya, that deck is not friendly at all). Thank you for keeping this info going. I love throwing piece by piece wonky items in my commander decks, if I am able to pull it off it’s game over, but plenty of ways for it to get canceled. 
Playing again for fun, after the match is complete if the person wants to just play for fun, I am fine with it. But, that depends on the person. If I had a good interaction with the person during the game it’s all good. Plus these guys that aren’t as good, I like to show them plays and help out, that’s the only way they’re going to get better. Jay, I think the people that attend your store fall into 2 categories; the people that are the sarcastic funny asshole type, or the worthless, dirty smelly, shitty players that show up with dirty dick holes in their sweats. If the first category beat me or lost to me, I would run it back for fun. If the second type was asking to run it back, they can fuck off I am trying to run away. 
All this cube talk has me kind of motivated to build my own cube. This seems like a large undertaking. That version of pack wars seems like the worst ass fucking of all time. As a guy that has a limited budget for magic, this would destroy me. 
While I am writing this elongated post I gotta bring up what’s going on right now, breaking news on Twitter. Certain individuals (dipplesticks) that are trying to throw stones at this cast and also insult the listeners does not sit well with me. I immediately unfollowed him, funny enough you guys talking about his emo whiny ass is why I followed him in the first place. That’s a scumbag. Seriously he’s trying to act like the MTG community and he are extremely sophisticated individuals when he carries on like a fucking high school girl on the rag, it’s a kids game, this isn’t chess or polo.  
I will openly challenge this man to a gentleman’s duel of any nature. Perhaps the game should be who can shut the fuck up and not talk like a bitch the longest, wait I already won.


  things to do today:
1. put on white knight costume
2. Look up dipplesticks


Add to list
3. Create circular argument in which no one can say I am wrong and I use excuses to refute real data


sup_stevie Success

Matthew Johnson

Wait did I miss 100?

Brandon Tsark

Yeah with the long vacation and switch over to new Apple iOS, my podcast list is so disorganized now. Love the show, but wow . . . TSG opening interview . . . soooo painful to hear this guy talk. If you’re not guilty but don’t want to talk about the details, then just say that, “Guys I don’t want to and/or am not legally able to get into the details, but I’m not a thief. Done, moving on to R2R . . .” 40 long minutes of hemming and hawing and a whole lot of nothing =/

Eddie Sarraga

Where is episode 100?


If I were to be falsely accused of stealing in an attempt to tarnished, my response would be “Fuck you, you’re full of shit!”, not let me wait for things to die down, get on the Eh Team and beat around the bush for 20 mins.
There’s more to the story then the public will ever find out about.


I agree with you. I would have called him out at an event and fought him in the parking lot. Then I would use all my bonfire money to bail myself out of jail… oh wait..


MarcelMTG Exactly. There’s a ton more to the story that we don’t know. Any of us normal individuals would react in this same manner. If you’re going to accuse a man of stealing, them’s fighting words, be prepared to back up your accusations.


shaolinmonk36 MarcelMTG sup_stevie Fighting word indeed or at the least get a lawyer for libel.

Jonas Stattin

That was a sweet episode! Everyone except invisible KYT were back in excellent form, and great to hear TSG again. The part where he managed to not answer any questions whatsoever was faaantastic entertainment!

Seb Celia

It was like politics! 30 mins of vague statements about absolutely nothing.

Oskar Wall

Sluta sprida hat på fb

Seb Celia

hah! du ser bara det här om du går in och kikar efter Oskar .. sluta snoka!

Oskar Wall

faktumet är att det va länkat via jonas fb

Kar Yung Tom

Isn't that my job? To be invisible?


Although credit does go to the eh team… this is equal to getting an OJ Simpson interview as he is wiping the blood off of his Bronco. Great job on getting this… I just pretending that TSG wasn’t accused of anything the second half of the show.. I call that my happy place.


Welcome back guys! Lol. Great to hear you guys back to the normal format. I’m super surprised how well TSG fit in with you guys but he’s Canadian so maybe not too surprised but this would explain why TSG avoided a direct answer on the whole CFB issue. Damn nicey nice Canadians. So KYT when are we going to see TSG unveiled project? Is Medinas store front going to be a legitmtg manadprived mash up love child sort of thing? Haha. The new intros re okay. I’ll give it a few more listens. Great to have Kerry Dan back from his year long hiatus. Lol.
Btw what’s with dipplesticks


The guys a giant douche.


Fabulous He’s just mad because not everyone likes his emo ass. He then tries to justify this by rationalizing that he’s just too high brow and everyone else is just a low class tard. What he doesn’t want to admit is that he’s an emo loser sissy bitch.

Jack Millson

I'm not sure why everyone feels TSG didn't answer the question. The police investigated him and said he wasn't guilty. Seems pretty clear to me. But anyway, sweet episode guys, awesome to hear you back in podcast form (the hangouts don't have the same feal, but are still awesome so keep them up every so often), keep it up!

Jon Stern

Not trying to turn this into a witch hunt, but, for what it's worth, not finding sufficient evidence to prosecute is not the same as proclaiming someone innocent.

Kyle Falbo

Shivan Dragon, has Melissa Benson art.

Eric J. Kooistra

Also, I'm glad to hear Jay is using "pejorative" in his vocab now…

Nick Swan

Woah the eh team isn't dead! Hurray ep 101 !#//+ @20 min in Jay totally should have broken out as the bad cop. people suck !,tsg "you gotta fight for your right". When in doubt just blame aliens. It has worked for the history channel. It just sounds like "the website" bent you over and fed you the splintered broom handle. I'm glad to see that your still a good person tsg.

Tsg it sounds like your wife is the bomb!



I appreciate that you guys posted the relevant part at the beginning (even if it did go on for 20+ agonizing minutes of bobbing and weaving around the elephant in the room), so I didn’t have to stay around for the rest.


Hi Dipples <3


sup_stevie There he is.

Justin Richardson

what happned to 100?

Vince Vergel

yep same question here


JayBoosh, you were almost responsible for vehicular manslaughter during this episode as I couldn’t stop laughing while driving during the Play for Funsies discussion. 
“I can see that by their deck choice and they’re ooo0-5 record.” Leading into, “I’d rather bother the shop owner… Do you have any in the back? We don’t have a ‘in the back.’  You’ve been coming here for like 10 years. Yeah, but I thought you had a ‘in the back.’ One time I was here you did have that. No we didn’t.”
Classic JayBoosh.
#MoreMedina did a nice job asking TSG questions. Medina & MrScottyMac both tried to set TSG up to say, “I didn’t take the cards.” Or anything remotely close to this. TSG kind of, sort of, implied, that maybe, he might have been setup, in the pejorative sense. I ended up liking the rest of the cast better, after he stopped not answering the questions. Keep having great guests, but tell them we will ask you direct questions. If you dance around the question, we will keep asking it. TSG did a nice job during the Gambling Pack Wars discussion and the Play for Funsies talk. He’d be great to have on again, just don’t even talk about the CFB deal.
Keep up the great work. Looking forward to #Episode100

Jon Stern

Loved TSG as a guest and Magic personality. And it's totally understandable that both him and Mark McGwire don't want to name names, step on toes, or talk about the past.

Pretty much agree 100% with Jay about playing for funsies after the match. Sometimes I'll do it, but I almost never want to. The one exception is playing against a decent opponent with a real deck, in which case I probably value the testing/learning experience. Though sometimes I also just want the 15-minute break.

Kar Yung Tom

LOL. Love the Mark McGwire comparison, Jon Stern.

Peter Woodmansee

How can you not want to fight for your name if you are innocent? And if anyone has a problem with you defending your name, knowing you are innocent, then that's their problem. Very strange.

Henrik Andersson

Thought I would finally drag my ass to posting a comment. Been listening quite a while now, but never posted due to alway listening at work through my phone.

Don't remember much from the episode though since it been more than two days since I listened. Something about som tsg-guy right? Anyway, great show as always. Makes work pass much more pain-free (that sound's much better in swedish).

Don't have much else to say right now, except for this: "EAT IT MEDINA". Why? beacuse I just beat your ass with Nicol Bolas on mtgo! Which also made think about posting and yadda yadda. Have a nice day! 🙂

Peter Woodmansee

Would have been a cool story if you beat Boosh, Scotty, or KYT, but Medina? Jk More Medina.


Sooo… did you guys realize there was no way you could live up to the hype of episode 100 and just decided to skip it?

Zanthir Lofalt

That "Ante League" is called A.W.E.S.O.M.E. around here (Portland, OR), and stands for Ancient Wonders (store name) Elite Society of Magic Enthusiasts. The guy at Ancient Wonders says he developed it with Richard Garfield, and said that that is the way Richard Garfield likes to play. I like to sign with one of those silver sharpies. They actually let you adjust your basic land base after playing it 3 times – but I like the way you play better. Way more fun. Adjusting your lands is cheating. Oh, but you can't remove a basic if it was signed.

Steely Danno

I’m late to the party but…
Jesus, TSG. You look far worse now than if you’d said nothing at all. Aside from all the non-answering, probably the most laughable part was when Scotty asks him which of the people close to him “shocked” him the most…which is about as close as he could come to saying “WHO ISN’T YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE?” And TSG rattles off a list of people who offered him support. Motherfucker should run for office, stealing and non-speak are key skillsets.


Steely Danno I agree… all he had to say was, “I did not have sexual relations with… ”  I mean… “I did not steal”.  But he didn’t say that did he…

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