The Eh Team #126 – Deadbridge Plasma Rating

While KYT is still gallivanting around the world, the three Eh Team hosts lead off Episode 126 with their plans for their Dragon’s Maze Prereleases. The guys hotly debate which Dragon’s Maze cards will see high-level play in Standard. Medina shares some insights into which of the new cards have been selling hot as preorders and which prices he feels are currently too low. Scotty breaks the news about his new stream & article series, Compulsive Research! Last but not least, they show some PucaTrade love, and take a peek at the new Organized Play changes announced for the 2013-2014 season.

Lauren Lee’s Summary of Changes to WotC Premier Play
PucaTrade IndieGoGo Campaign

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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9 thoughts on “The Eh Team #126 – Deadbridge Plasma Rating”

  1. Awesome cast guys! My Prerelease was sucky…my aggro deck was so slow and I just got done over by peoples mana stones as they ramped into stupid bombs…so lameo especially as I got spark trooper…sucky!!! KYT’s punishment should be to bring his dad onto the cast you know the listeners want that….and the Haynes vs Chris fight on twitter was good I got front row seats to that one as I was just chilling on my feed at the time.

  2. I run a Biomancer deck 🙁 but Tier Joshua Lemish decks don’t count 🙂
    Had a blast doing 3 Pre’s at Face a Face, Went 1-2 at midnight despite loving my pool, went 4-1 at 11am saturday and went 2-2 drop at 5pm.

    I agree with Scotty in terms of Plasm Capture I think it will be used and abused.

    Had the pleasure of watching Alex and Jon play each other for fun with their sealed pools and it was the most intense back and forth game ever and was a ton of fun.

    Breaking//Entering is SICK btw so sick, specially when it nabs a bomb, i had my Trostani Summoner taken and that is such a heart breaker.

  3. 1-10? 3-1? Oh my gawwwwwwwd! Haha, you guys get so wound up over stuff.

    I actually thought Scott was going to hang up at one point, he seemed to get really mad at Jay when you were discussing PLASM Capture.

    My prerelease was fun. Chose Selesnya (was backed up by Orzhov), the only person at my store to choose them, but drew only one token producer, so I dumped green and played an Esper control build around Extort. Won my first three, then faced some nuts builds, an aggro deck that was churning out more guys than I could remove/block and then a nuts Extort deck headed by Pontiff of Blight. 3-2 overall, but loved it.

    You guys were right, super slow format, was getting loads of mana out and grinding Extort.

    My top cards were Crypt Ghast and Debt to the Deathless. Tapping out for 14 mana with a debt is so good.

    Council of Absolute was a 2/4 blocker for me that gave me a 4CMC Trostani’s judgement.

    Sadly ended up with TWO Possibility storms as rares. Got a PLASM Capture too, but really don’t rate it.

  4. I don’t find Jay negative at all. He has a strong opinion, and without that they’d all just be like “what do you think of this card?” “oh yeah, I agree…” Zzzzzzzzz

    Plasm Capture is a cool card, and I could definitely see trying it as a 1 of in (R/B)UG. I think Sire of Insanity is being waaaay over hyped. The exact decks that everyone thinks it can beat are the decks that will just sit on counter magic and keep it off the board. Tap out for this sweeeet six drop. Oooh. Syncopate for 1. 🙁

    If you’re thinking about Cavern, it’s is only going to work for a few more months. Can’t wait for that POS to be gone from standard.

  5. Jay rattling the Scotty! I find it interesting how often Scotty laughed at Boosh rants and jabs at Medina, but when the passion points his way, he couldn’t shrug it.

    I agree that Boosh isnt negative, he’s just opinionated. Take a moment, and go back and listen to his statement about the Miracle mechanic. He stands strong, backs it up. Disagree, move on.

    Now, Plasm: what makes this card garbage is that the color cost assures its only in a Simic deck. Possible turn three play, is green really just going to pass to use this? Doubtful.

    Love the cast. Love the personalities. As an original Medina basher, I appreciate his journey. From an asshole speculator, who stated he didnt play as much as trade; to a well spoken and informed player, with great deck insights. I actually enjoy him now. (Come on, I stole the Zombie Rooftop Storm list and piloted a few fun wins myself. And hello: OUTWIT your Miracle. Classics)

  6. Motha fucking brain jace. Rakdos won my prerelease. I was running Azorius and got a total shit pull. But Azorius almost won the race, they were in the lead forever and then 1 behind right at the end. Half the fuckers at my prerelease went Rakdos though, so odds were in their favor. Azorius was killing it at my prerelease though.

    This puca trade shit looks like pyramid scheme garbage. I totally can not get down with this thing at all. It’s killing me.

    Wait you Canadians don’t live in igloos? Shit. I was ready to see some igloos when I came out there.

    A good punishment for KYT would be to have him do most of the talking on the next cast. I think he would be sweating bullets. So wait KYT was on vacation with King Ho? I bet that was awesome.


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