The Eh Team #138 – A Revolver to a Machinegun Fight

Minus Medina, the Eh Team talks M14, new Standard, and Grand Prix Calgary in this 138th episode. KYT’s first impression of M14 Limited at his Prereleases. Jay can’t contain his excitement over the new Star Wars miniatures game from Fantasy Flight. More awesome listener comments from the last episode. Commander stories from Scott’s place, and playing Commander with the new M14 rules. Scott has Naya on lock for Standard, while Jay finally reaches a decision about what deck he wants for Grand Prix Calgary. Speaking of which, the guys talk about Jay’s wedding fundraiser (see link below), and all the amazing things planned for the Grand Prix & Jay’s bachelor party.
Jay Boosh’s Jack & Jill Fundraiser Raffle

Garruk Caller of Beasts

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Standard feels so unforgivable right now. If you mulligan to 5, or even start on the draw against some decks, you just lose and there’s little to nothing you can do about it. That’s actually turning me away from the game right now. I feeeeeel like standard sucks right now (we say that a lot don’t we?).

This raffle sounds unbelievable. I am buying 6 tickets minimum, maybe 10. Winning 1 of these store credit ones or any combination of 2 of the others is just super value. If I was a millionaire, I would fly my ass up there to that GP to hang out with you guys. I’d like to thank the universe for putting Jay on this planet; we wouldn’t be a species without you. I have a suggestion for the raffle: with each prize, include an autographed photo print of Jay.

Also, I demand that one of you video record or podcast or take a million pictures of anything and everything over that weekend. Youtube videos, photo galleries, and podcasts. There’s no reason not to, your fans demand it!

Kyle Georg

This Standard is better than it’s been since I can remember. Let’s not forget how horrible Standard was when it was all Delver or Cawblade or Jund. This format is finally diverse.

Mulligans to 5 and starting on the draw make it hard for any deck in nearly any format – that’s not just a Standard thing.


Your EDH Game is insane, but…. Makeshift Mannequin can only be cast on cards in your graveyard…

He Makeshift Mannequin’d his Puppeteer Clique and stole my Chancellor.


M14 pre-release sucked balls large. And drafting it was like punching myself in the balls. Will not be playing this set ever again.

The Star Wars game is pretty fun. Was funny to hear Jay go ape over it.

Joebob Tallywhacker

Medina goes balls deep in some strange and now he has to quit Magic? How are the two related? Was he cheating with a girl at the comic store?

As someone who quit magic recently to concentrate on IRL issues. Duh.

Tough I never listened to the show while Smitty was on, I am going through old episodes and have heard a few with him. I love that he still drops in to share a comment now and then.

I love my boys, minus Jay. trolol


Do we see the start of an Eh Team curse?


I have to say hearing the news that medina was not only leaving the eh team but the game entirely stunned me. I read his reasons why he is leaving as I assume its because its very easy in a marriage after a long time to start neglecting your loved ones and focusing on your selfish hobbies. I wish you all the best and I hope things work out for you and your family. In the end of the day its just a game and a game is no replacement for your family.

All the best John, I hope that one day you can find balance in things. I know I will keep a playmat at the ready if you choose to game in the future.

Photon torpedoes… *cringe*


fuck, is it proton? godamnit!

So yeah just heard the news like everyone else….I don’t really have a question but rather a thanks to Medina and the rest of the guys for all the casts you have done and for the hours of boredom you have saved me from. Thanks Medina…I hope things turn out the way you want them to and I wish you all the luck in the future.


Jon it’s sad to hear of your departure, but I understand and respect your reasons. Even though I’ve meet you once in persons and casted with you a couple times, it feels like losing a friend to death. It feels odd to have this kind of emotional reaction, maybe it’s the parallels relating to my own life. One day I will have to step away from Magic myself, it tears at me to think of when that will become a reality. The Magic community is like a family, there is definitely something here that’s more than just a game.

Jon you made the right decision to focus on what is important in your life, I can only imagine how much of your free time was consumed by Magic. I would advise to not completely get rid of everything Magic related; put some things away in a vault. Who knows in few years after you get you priorities corrected, you can then casually play Magic again. Peace.

Luis Acosta

This episode/day has been a whirlwind. Being reminded that GP Calgary is only a few days away is exciting. So pumped for that and getting to hang out with you guys.

Sad to see Medina leave. It’s scary to think how much of a friend people considered him as(myself included) without ever meeting him, just because of him giving what he has to the community. I wish Medina the best of luck in his endeavors. But as long as he avoids casting Destructive Forces I’m sure it will be fine.

If possible it’d be nice to know where life is taking you. “Best of luck in that thing we don’t know about” just doesn’t feel as sincere as I think most of us would like. But if it’s personal then we should all understand.


I’m so sad to hear that Medina is leaving. I know it’s strange, but even though I’ve never met any of you, I consider you all my friends. You’ve accompanied me to the gym, on cross-country bus trips and many many subway rides.

I guess what I want to say is that I hope you all, including Jon, know how much you mean to the magic community. I’m hoping that Jon focuses on what he needs to do right now, and can someday return. Sorry for being sappy, but I figured there’s a chance Jon might read this. Good luck to him, and I’ll be listening to the rest of you guys Monday.

As someone who has quit Magic three times in my life I want to say that I understand and support John’s decision. Thanks for the hours of entertainment. You will be missed, but you will not be forgotten. Good luck in the future sir.

john croddick

WOW!!!!!!!!!! On one hand I feel bad for Medina but on the other hand I’m kinda pissed that the great Eh team dynamic is destroyed and that most of what Medina said over the last weeks about balance in life is BS, and the God stuff also. Don’t like Magic as a scapegoat either. Just feel crappy about whole thing.


This comment is more then uncalled for, i mean if you’re upset about Medina quitting thats one thing we all are, its another thing to say that you think he is full of bullshit in regards to the whole life balance thing. i dont know who you are and you dont know me, but you sir are nothing but a massive asshole and we dont need people like you.

do us all a favour and go back to trolling kids on reddit.

Smi77y (@Smi77y_Life)

Chrischaos – his comment isn’t out of line. It’s perfectly ok to have an opinion, especially a logical one. Perhaps Medina even feels as John Croddick does.

I want to troll you Chris, only because it’s so easy. But nah.


thanks smitty 🙂


Chris let me clarify my point. First off I love Medina as a magic personality and hope that he gets his marriage back on track. I’m a big second chance guy so I hope that’s the result. BS was to strong of a word in this situation and for that I apologize. BUT I still think what came out of Medina’s mouth about Life Balance does not ring true based on what we know now. I listen to Eh Team for the Magic. The Life Balance episodes where very interesting and heavy and I liked them very much. But they are tainted in my eyes now. Btw I have never been on reddit and only been called a massive asshole one other time in my life ( I switched out my brothers roll on with ben gay :))


winning the Beginners Cube from Jay would just be insane!!! I mean free Cube help for life!

yet another great episode guys, we all know its going to be really weird not hearing a Medina vs Jay argument or a Scotty Vs Medina argument again. As someone that has been listening since Medina was a member of the EH Team, ill miss you John, you alone have made me a better person.

The past couple of episodes where you guys talked about the balance of life & magic is what made me realize that Magic is just a hobby I really love, yes it is a lifestyle but its not my entire life. just hearing John talk about how his wife kept asking for more time for them to be together, thats the moment when i realized I need to make more time for my girlfriend and not have it all about Magic.

John what I’m saying is thanks. you’re a really good guy, I remember meeting you at GP Toronto and that alone was amazing, just standing their talking to one of my favourite podcasters like he is my close friend was an epic experience. once again thanks John Medina, thanks a million, god bless and may the force be with you & your family forever. <3

Now for my question that id love the whole cast to answer is what keeps you playing Magic? (and in the case of Medina, what kept you playing for as long as you did) is it your play group, LGS, the chance of making it into the PT? id love to know!

Much Love @ChrisChaos46

PS KYT may or may not have made me comment 😉

Where to begin…

I wasn’t sold on Medina being on the cast for a long time; all I knew about him was his reputation as a trade scumbag, and I didn’t understand how that could possibly fit in with a community-driven effort like the Eh Team. Boy was I wrong; underneath the sharkness is a legitimate and honest attempt to grow the game, and a friendliness that I never would’ve expected.

I’ve been mulling over the past few episodes, back to the beginning of all the conversations about balance, and even at the time, it didn’t feel like Medina was just talking for his own sake or for entertainment; it sounded like he was seriously asking for advice. I didn’t think anything of it, but of course, hindsight is 20/20. Jon, I hope you can take this time off to find the balance that you were missing, and to repair whatever damage has been caused to your real-life relationships, and that when (not if) you return to the game you’ll be in a better and healthier place.

KYT is asking for mailbag questions, so here are a few:

– To Jon: You’ve been extremely forthcoming with the reasons behind your leaving the game, and while I respect your honesty, I’m sure you know that not everyone in the MTG community will understand your reasons, and many will misinterpret and assume and start casting blame (at the time I write this, they already have). Do you hope that the community can gain anything from you revealing this aspect of your personal life? Are you worried that opening yourself like this will might do more harm than good?

– To the rest of the team: I’m interested in hearing your own stories of quitting, as I’m sure everyone who plays this game as an adult has quit at least once, and probably more. How many times have you quit? How many times have you extra-quit and sold your collections?

– With all of your connections to pros, why haven’t you done an entire episode of the Pro Circuit’s best Scumbag Stories?

– To KYT: In the long term, do you think it’s possible to keep running Mana Deprived and also make the Pro Tour? This hobby is already consuming for people who only involve themselves in one aspect, never mind trying to podcast and run the site and play at the same time. If you knew you could make the Pro Tour by doubling-down on playing and transferring control of MD to someone else, would you do it?

– And of course, where the fuck is episode #100?!

Bowen Zhang

Having just returned from a 3 week trip from China (where the internet is laggy and the smog is heavy) I listened to almost 50 episodes of the Eh team starting way back in the 30’s. Hearing Jon slide into the void left by Smitty brought back all the familiarities of the later episodes that I’ve grown to love. Although I don’t comment much and I only made a twitter recently, Jon I’m going to truly miss you in the MTG community and I wish you the best of luck. I’ll treasure the GP Toronto playmat you signed for me and I eagerly await your return.

Michael B

How come people leave Limited Resources podcast to go work for Wizards but people leave the Eh Team podcast to……stop playing magic????

Just joking, Jon you will be missed i feel for the rest of the guys who have to find someone to replace you and then for that someone to try and fill your shoes.

Bowen Zhang

Questions for ya’ll
-Is there anything you recommend for improving my limited game? There aren’t any especially strong limited players in my testing group and we’re all looking to improve. Other than basic draft theory we’re mostly lost.
-My commander playgroup has turned a bit too competitive, and I’d like try to dial it back a bit. Back in the day I ran a Rhys token deck that faced off against Tolsmir stompy and a Vish Kal lifegain deck, but now it’s a miracle if it can even survive against Meleck storm combo or Sharuum-exile-your-library.dec. I still have the old rhys deck though, but I find it hard to compete with the other high powered generals so I’ve built a Niv-Mizzet combo deck and a Zur lockdown deck (which I hate playing). Games are still fun, though they can end abruptly as someone topdecks a combo piece and just goes off. I know commander is a social format, but my friends are a bit apprehensive about returning to the lower powered decks and I’m not sure how to change their minds.
-@KYT Do you think Unflinching Courage has a place in the bogle deck? It seems better than spirit link as it creates a one-aura-beast on a kor spiritdancer in a creature battle but seems a bit slow for other matchups, especially combo. Sideboard maybe?
-@Jay/@Scott Will you be at GP Toronto this year? I still need you guys to sign my mat to complete all 4!


For Jay’s attempts at playing Bant Pants. I play RDW (red deck wins) online. I am yet to lose a single match to Bant Pants. Maybe considering another deck?


Also, wait what? Medina left the show!?!?!?!?

Raziel Lizarraga

I’m sorry to hear what happened Jonathan. You’re right to take the second chance given to you and remove any obstruction. I hope your actions reward you, thank you for legitmtg, and thanks for accommodating all card doodling requests. Question for the mail bag episode: @medina, how do you intend to replace the time spent on mtg? specifically, does that mean going to bible study groups or find other ways to improve your relationship with god? Seeing that FNM will no longer happen, have you planned out exactly how to fill the time left by leaving the game?
con mucho amor. #moremedina


Mailbag Question: If you “had” to wallpaper a room in your house and only use one card art, what would it be?

Ryo Fan

Mailbag Question: I might have to move to Canada because Canada is the nut high for my occupation. Where would be a nice place to move to that isn’t Toronto or Vancouver because those places are filled up already? I’m more of a city person. Would love a modern city, nice food places (preferably authentic Jap) and of course a place to play some magic.

It’s a long shot but the Eh Team are the only Canadians I know. Hope I get an answer from Jayboosh. 🙂


Jon – I’m not going to pass comment on what you did and the rights and wrongs of it, I just hope you are able to make everything work for you, your wife, and (though I’m not a believer myself), your relationship with God. People make mistakes, who would I be to judge you? Once you are able to find the balance you need, I hope there is room again in there for this silly card game and for you to cast with the guys again because you’re an entertaining guy.

Mailbag question for KYT/Scotty – I’ve seen some Kiki Pod lists in modren recently that are running Goyfs (1 main, 2 side). Do you think this is a good selection? Also – how the fucking fuck do you even begin to work out a manabase for that fucking deck?


Also shit, I guess Medina too, since he’s gonna do 139 before he splits…

Joshua Lemish

Questions, When is KYT gonna give me the foil Dsphere for winning more then 3 games at the WMCQ?
When is KYT going to post some magic trick videos?
Other then Scotty being a good singer what other Talents do you hosts have?

Mark Stanton

What happened to episode 100? No one expects it to see the light of day, so can you guys talk about what you had planned at least?

First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU for all the excellent content you’ve provided over the years. You’ll be sorely missed. Can we get any concrete info on the future of Legitmtg?

Thanks guys! Looking forward to another great episode.

Mailbag Question: I’m going to throw a hard ball at Jon, because I’m a huge fan. First though let me say that I expect you to give yourself a Medina style interview on the cast.

Question: If I left MTG it would absolutely gut me, how do you plan to cut out such a large part of who you are and move forward? (Worship assumed, but what else if anything?)

Family has to be the #1 priority but having something for yourself is incredibly important, in my experience, to a happy and successful marriage. In my experience, drastic change usually isn’t successful long term. I understand that you are an ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy and only you know what’s best for you and your family. My only caution is to make changes that are sustainable and don’t put yourself in danger of snapping back to where you started due to total deprivation of what you enjoy.

Truly best wishes for you and your family.

So here are some questions:

All: 1) What is the weirdest thing a fan has said or done (in person and/or online). 2) What no Eh Team Playmats or shirts? Look at all the success Heavy Meta has had? 3) What happened to scumbag stories?

Canadians: 1) Which university is more revered in Canada: Calgary, Toronto or B.C.? Thanks!

Scotty: 1) You are one of the best interviews in the community. Any tips for others on how to interview folks? 2) What is your favorite karaoke song, or your standard song, and have you had vocal training?

KYT: 1) How did you determine who was on the original cast? I’ve heard how Medina got on, but did you know Scotty, Jay, and Jesse before hand? 2) How did people start calling you Batman?

Jay: 1) in your opinion who is the best x-wing pilot in the Star Wars mini game? Why? 2) You said you used to wear a suit. Why would you do that?

Medina: 1) What superhero are you in the Polish Tamales token? 2) Which do you prefer: carne asada, chorizo, chicharrones, or barbacoa?

Thanks. Looking forward to the cast.

KRF (@Brotha52)

I started trading and getting involved with #MTGFinance because of your SCG articles. When you left SCG to start Legit it was an inspiration. Watching your recent stumble unfold publicly has me questioning my own involvement in this game. I’ve watched my own relationship fall apart due to ignoring what’s important and letting the game and it’s community distract me. Good luck on making right, and while I’m sure so many of us will miss you here on the Eh-team and on the trade floor, some things are just way more important.

Andrew Wagner


I am truly sad to see you go. I’ve always thought that The Eh Team really took off and went to the next level when you joined the cast. As much as you guys mostly argue, you and Jay are a perfect compliment to each other, and with Scotty being the interviewer extraordinaire and KYT providing the ever present laugh track and ” HASN’T TAUGHT ME SHIT!”, you four provide the best magic podcast experience on the internet bar none.

That being said I really hope you don’t disappear forever. I know from experience that it’s very very hard to quit this game. Especially cold turkey. I understand you have some things to work on to bring your life back into balance but I also think it can be detrimental to your life to completely cut out something that you clearly love so much.

Even if we all say this game is only a hobby we should also understand that our hobbies help define who we are and can be deeply important to our overall life happiness. I can remember clearly the times that I’ve given up magic and focused on “real/social” life and I was not as happy nor was I being my true self.

Therein lies my question. Do you think quitting magic will be detrimental to your mental wellbeing in the short term or the long run? Can focusing on faith and the bible give you the mental challenge you need? Last time I checked Jesus wasn’t coming out with new sets (chapters?) to keep his player base stimulated.

Just some thoughts. Don’t be a stranger.


Jason (@offensivemtg)

KYT, I love the new articles and I find myself reading even more Mama D content, what other ideas are coming?

Your guys interview style is pretty much the best, have you tried to get other people than just players (artist, designers…) or do you think it just wouldn’t fit?

Jay, your knowledge and skill for limited formats is insane and I hang on every word. What does KYT need to do to get you to write more rather than play golf?


Mailbag question:

somewhat new to the game, and looking to get into MTGO, and what to practice my UWR Flash deck in the daily’s, what is the best way to start acquiring cards and any other general advice.

Melvin Conyers

As a long-time listener of the podcast, I am truly sad to see Jonathan Medina move on. He has done a great job at increasing the awareness of magic finance (I know this may be a great or terrible thing to some individuals in the community). Jon has also played a very vital role in weekly recordings for the show. To keep things interesting you need people whose personalities will sometimes clash (Boosh vs. Medina or Scotty vs. Medina). This leads to countless hours of what may seem like arguing…but for us listeners it is GREAT entertainment. I will not forget how Medina bashed the hell out of JayBoosh for siding out his Delvers… Or when Scotty and Medina would throw a fit over the play ability of different cards (ratchet bomb). Thanks for sharing your stories, advice, and opinions with us Jonathan Medina. You will not only be remembered as the Mexican Salsa dealer-binder shark-who once shot a guy with a crossbow magic player, but as an interesting personality in the magic community.

As for questions.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?

What is your favorite movie?

Would you guys do a magic type cruise again? (LOL I’m serious! Because I would like to go)

Zack Houser

Mailbag question: if you had only a Bag of valencia oranges, a spool of unbreakable dental floss, a bucket of poutine and your wits to defend you would you rather fight:

A playset of 4/4 rhinoserus tokens with trample, haste, smelly, and hockey rinkwalk ?


12 1/1 elementals but young pyromancer and Chandra were both on her period when they made them so they just keep complaining and complaing about how you need “life balance” or and “happy wife happy life” or some garbage?

Sidebar question, you get to choose one extra item to wade into battle with. The twist? You pick for your cast mates not yourself. Jay for Jon, Jon for Scott, Scott for KYT and KYT for Jay. what do you give him?

jason l (@jcjlee)

What is the line on percentage of people who wanted to ask a question to Medina, thought better of it, and then didn’t ask anything at all?


Hey guys!

Wanted to add some questions to the old mail bag:

1) Who will be replacing Jon? I recommend Franky.
2) what ever ever happened to sneep keep or ditch? i say bring back sneep keep or ditch!
3) so ummm….where’s episode 100? LOL
4) is anyone else leaving?
5) KYT, will you be taking on compulsive research or deck tease?
6) is Jon’s hiatus permanent? Is he going to gen con?
7) Will the eh team produce marketing materials like heavy meta?
8) will there be a party for the next Toronto tournament?
9) will jay boosh make it to Toronto?
10) kyt, when will you make the pt? Before or after you get engaged? 😉
11) will you ever have King Ho on the cast?
12) thoughts on making crazy talk modern themed and thus bringing it back?
13) for the group, best eh team moment
14) for the group, plan on doing the magic cruise?
15) for the group, is this a giant troll?
16) really?

I’ll finish this off with a giant thank you for providing us with constant entertainment and making my Mondays suck way less. You guys are awesome, please keep it going! Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Ps. Boosh, damn you I’m buying Star Wars this weekend and trying the game with a friend.
Pps. I used to be a mini gamer. It’s more addictive then magic. See above.



Love the show guys. Everything you said about getting married was absolutely spot on. My wife recently left me and you reminded of an awesome day and had me fucking crying at work you bastards. Hope everything works out for Medina, it’s definitely worth fighting for


So after hearing the news about Medina I thought about getting on here and instantly posting a comment. However, after some thought I decided to think it through a bit before I have a knee-jerk reaction to this news of him leaving the show, and ultimately the news on his affair.

I want to start off by saying that I hope in therapy Medina learns to not be so selfish. His blog postwas not about his wife, it was about making HIMSELF a martyr. The mix between saying he’s quitting the game for his wife, and to focus on throwing more gospel handgrenades was insulting to the community, and more importantly insulting to his wife. There was no need to display his dirty laundry out there. This shouldn’t be displayed as a learning experience for others. Doing that is once again, selfish.

The reason I am so worked up about this is I have been an avid fan of the Eh Team for quite some time. They have been part of my daily commute, and I have grown attached to the four hosts. I get excited whenI hear of their accomplishments, and feel when they’re talking they are in the car next to me. The episode a few weeks back about balance really hit home. I feel balance is definitely difficult so to hear these guys talk about it was very comforting. Hearing the news Monday I felt I had been lied to. More men need to strive to talk about their spouses in the way that Scotty Mac does. I think Medina’s blog post was insulting to men like Scotty Mac who truly show what a marriage is supposed to be about; not a “slow suffocation of your love” as Medina so elegantly put it.

I hope Medina gets help. I hope that I hear down the line he is doing well, and his marriage is flourishing. At this time I feel as a community we aren’t doing him any service but brushing this off, and talking about how much we are going to miss him. That just further strokes his ego. People who care about you tell you how it is. Good luck Medina. Speak about your wife with the same passion you spoke about trading and you’ll do just fine. #moreGoodMedina #lessShittyMedina

Jonathan Medina

I appreciate your comment Joey! I wont defend myself against what you said, because I’m not trying to save face here. What you accuse me of above is much more pleasant that what you could accuse me of or the names that you have the right to call me. I do want to point a couple of things out and give you the perspective from where I’m sitting.

1) The talk about balance was never meant to be a “lesson” to anyone. It was just three dudes searching. In the balance episode I was truly struggling to find balance in my life. I felt everything falling apart and it was weighing on my mind. So much so, that I brought it up on the cast. In my opinion, the balance episode was the foreshadowing of what happened this week.

2) I posted about the affair because I feel that it would have been underhanded for me to try to quietly sneak out of the community without admitting what I did. Anyone who listens to this show knows that I have issues with pride. It’s a character flaw of mine. My post was an attempt to break down that pride by showing the terrible thing that I did.

I expected much more “good riddance” and “once a scumbag always a scumbag” comments. The Magic community was so loving that they embraced me which is far from what I actually expected.

You said I was selfish and I have an ego, I can’t argue with that. I’ve been battling against those things my whole life. I have a long road ahead of me and there’s no room for selfishness or ego in marriage so they have to go. Thanks for thinking before posting and I hope my explanations give you something to consider.

<3 Medina


Fair enough. I wish you best.

Brian Brown (@inkyscholar)

First thank you for your thoughts. Clearly John has addressed your concerns in his response below. As someone who will indeed miss John and who thanked him for his time on the Eh Team in this comments section, I thought I would take a second to address why I did so. I didn’t thank John to stroke his ego. I didn’t thank John to absolve him or excuse his actions, I don’t feel that is my place. I thanked John because the members of this podcast have helped me over the last few months. The nature of my employment is seasonal so the vast majority of my summer entertainment needs to be free, additionally most of my friends are not around in the summer, so summer can be a difficult time for me. Over the last few months, this podcast (and others) have served to entertain me, distract me, and provided me with an outlet for human interaction. I try to comment on every podcast to say thanks, but I wanted to thank John one last time. Again not to stroke his ego, not to excuse his actions, but to thank him for the time he devoted in bringing some levity to my week in a heartfelt and sincere manner.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think I am not alone in my opinions and/or reasons. I think that you have spoken your truth, I hope this helps you understand why I spoke mine.


Brian, I hope that my post did not come off in the way that I was trying to point everyone in the community out for purposely stroking his ego. I’m sure that the people that posted to say farewell, and to thank him were not trying to do that. However, I feel that is the consequence of the posts. This is sort of a back-handed compliment, but I’m actually impressed with the community in how much respect they have shown for this situation. As Medina stated above there are far worse things people can be saying.

I truly wish Medina well. I am just very sad that someone who has been a very regular part of my life is going away, and I had an emotional reaction reading his blog post. I do not leave comments often, but this is something I wanted to be heard. I wanted Medina to hear it from someone and I did my best to be blunt but respectful of the situation in my post.

I appreciate your reply, and glad that we both share the same passion for these people, and this show.

First of all, as much as I will miss Medina and all that he brought to the show, I can respect his reasoning after reading this LegitMTG post and personal blog. John, you’ve do, which ne a lot of awesome things that are worth being proud of.

That said which podcast personality will Jay be fighting with next? Or will he and Alex from Crazy Talk be forming a super #LessMedina alliance?

Thanks for everything Medina. Hope Legit ends up in the right hands and your marriage flourishes more than ever before.

Just remember how to eat an elephant. #untilitstopsmoving


Jason (@offensivemtg)

This is the third attempt at writing a comment on Medina leaving, not sure why I have any feelings on the situation or why my opinion should even matter. I dont actually know you and you dont know me, but I feel like I’m loosing a friend. Your talk on balance was VERY wise and as much as anyone might feel your a “fake” they should still listen. I understand it’s not a lesson, but its a wise lesson that everyone should understand.

Just remember with balance there has to be two sides to have balance. There is balance between spending time with your family and playing magic, there is balance between your happiness and the people you care about happiness. You seemed to enjoy playing Magic and running your own business. I dont imagine you cheated on your wife because you were doing things that make you happier.

Playing Magic and more importantly being part of the community I feel has made my marriage actually better. I recently moved across the country for a new job and no longer had the friendships that I took years building. On top of this I had a child and its just an amazing amount of (rewarding) work. Getting back into Magic filled a small gap that I was having in my day to day life. I was able to get some time to myself and had interactions with people that were not forced to interact with me at work. Then I was introduced to the Mana D team. You guys made me want to talk about Magic with other people and get other people to play. Then Heavy Meta came around and made me want to actually get out there and participate in the online world and be an established part of the SVU. I feel like I have tons of best friends now that I have never met. All of this rounds into I’m doing something I enjoy and is making me happier, and intern making my marriage happier. Every time I leave the house to go play i think to myself that I can not wait till my son is old enough to teach him the game and intro him to the fine people in the community. Medina you were really part of the start of this change in my life, thank you for that.

You cheated on your wife though, that sucks(understatement), but go back and listen to your balance episode. Remember that everything in life is balance and economics(everything has a cost). I feel like you dropped magic and dissolved your growing business in a knee jerk sacrifice to save you marriage, thats not balance. Stop and make sure that your not going to regret your decisions and hurt your marriage in the long term. I know sacrifice is a big part of a lot of religions and make sure your not making decisions because thats what your trained to do, but what will make you John Medina actually happy tomorrow. Be semi-selfish for a second, it is your life and you only get one make sure its balanced. We are all human and make bad decisions make sure you understand which decisions are actually bad.

But remember I just some guy on the internet that doesn’t actually know the details of what happened so you can take everything I say with a grain of salt, and best of luck to whatever you decide to do.

Let me start off by saying I was as suprised and will miss medina as much as anyone else but I understand that family and faith are 1 and 2. now on to the serious stuff how many bees are in your house jay and second why are there bees in your house. and guys Cmon no one outside of Canada uses celsius, idiots. jay I already spend enough money on magic and now you have me wanting to go buy all the star wars minis to play that game. damn you boosh. Scotty what changes are you making to your deck after last weekend’s results?
KYT I can see you really are following through with your life balance. your playing more magic now then before but its ok it makes the show better. I like that you guys brought back the singalong portion of the show I love it. jay I wish you luck with your wedding as I said last week I feel your pain everytime I read you post about your wedding troubles I think your stalking me. question for the show and maybe someone already asked it. what is your favorite argument you had with medina? And for medina what was your favorite one with another cast member. I’m curious and anxious to see who replaces medina since when I started listening it was the current four and that is all I know. sorry I wait till the last day to comment but I need to listen to the show at least twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Mr Rygmos

Dear Salsa Medina.

You truly have changed the game for the better.

I gave my roommate a “Pack to Power” for his birthday last year. I am now on my 2nd time around FNM hero.

You are and have been a positive influence on the community and you will be missed.

My question for you as you leave us is this. If you could improve one thing in the community as you exit what would it be. Also what is one thing that we do well as a community that you appreciate.

Thankyou so much for all you have done and good luck in the rest of you endeavors.

Spencer Howland “Boozecube Champio”

JR (@time_elemental)

Sad to see Medina leaving and I hope he will return at some point. Way before the “Balance” episode, it seemed like he was often the first one to bring up those kinds of conversations. I would rather listen to that kind of show than say four 20 year-olds who are geniuses at Magic but have little life experience.

I guess the big question is what people really want out of the game.

For me, I’ll probably never be a tight enough player to do well at a very high level, so it’s not really about competition or money. Maybe I’ll come up with a sweet brew at some point that is actually viable. Maybe I’ll help the game grow with an idea like the parallel pro tour, but It’s really mostly about the social aspect, awesomely exemplified by the SVU/ManaD/Brainstorm Brewery community.

Derric smith

Is anyone’s attending Gen Con


Boosh. Play X-Wing with me here?

I move my X-Wing forward 3.

Roll for attack.

Joined as always by my homies. It has been hot as fuck. What the fuck?? You found bees crawling all over your body. What kind of crazy ass hive are you living in Jay? Yes Jay, all bees have stingers.

The core set prereleases always have the silly monetary issues. When it comes to Theros though I will be all over that prerelease. Yes Jay, everyone loves flavored balls. Holy shit Modern Masters packs for prizing. Man, I want to do that!

Listening to this Star Wars miniatures set review by Jay was great. Especially with all of the sound effects. Being a Star Wars nerd as well this sounds freaking great!! AW shit he won’t be talking about golf. Something has replaced golf!

Aw shit Mr Rygmos posted a comment.

I likes me some Bant Hexproof. That’s what I would be running too. I like that UWR Flash and the Junk Aristocrats also. Those 3 would be the ones I would run, just because those are the styles I like to play.

The Boosh Bachelor raffle theme music was freaking sweet. Holy shit those raffle prizes are sick. Fuckin blammo! I wish I had not been in the thick of bullshit and so far behind as I would have loved to win any of this.

OMG Fuck, Dirty swamp donkey, graboids, handy’s, Fish & chips. The fucking signing the dick conversation had me literally crying my eyes out from laughter.

Chocolatey wasted Eh? Fuck yes!

I love mailbag episodes, dammit I missed this shit. And the AMA and the G+ episodes, please bring those back, those were so much damn fun.

Let’s all go to the lobby….. Nice filler music while you looked something up. Was that to fuck with all the trashbag whiners about silence?

Shit, I just remembered I traded a ton and got a shit ton of awesome cards for my EDH decks. Sonofabitch I need to go home and edit decks.

I so wish I could have made it as I would have hung with you guys this whole damn time. THE ENTIRE TIME!

That Garruk is sick! I want that. That was an amazing job done on that proxy.

Definitely get Jay crying and blubbering. I must see this. If I had an opportunity to go back in time and enter the raffle I would have been all over this.

Pew Pew pew lasers!!!!

Seeing so many other people leave extra long comments is great. I love it.