The Eh Team #229 – Tarmogoyf or Bust

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Episode 229 finds KYT intrigued by the exciting Abzan deck Yuuki Ichikawa used to win Grand Prix Shanghai last weekend, and consults with Scott about how it fits into the current Standard. Look out for KYT at many Grand Prix in the near future, beginning with Vegas next week. Jeremey’s first experience with community gardening bears a startling resemblance to MTG toxicity. The guys examine the price of a box of Modern Masters 2015, which releases this weekend! You can find Scotty at Face to Face Game Toronto on Friday May 22 to help celebrate the release. The wildly varying costs of local Modern Masters 2015 sealed deck events. Superhero TV talk, and movies! In Modern, Scotty recommends KYT get back in the format with Jund, and the Eh Team looks at some of the innovative Jund lists from the latest SCG IQ at Dallas-Fort Worth.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, and lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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Click here to get your Eh Team toque from Face to Face

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