The Eh Team #238 – The Testing Combo

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KYT has been staying in Ottawa with GP Vancouver champion Dan L____  as they prepare for Pro Tour Origins, and takes an hour away from testing to record with the Eh Team. What neat new decks he has been eyeing from SCG Chicago last weekend for how they’ll impact the Pro Tour, like Jeff Hoogland’s UW Thopter control, or the [card]Day’s Undoing[/card] Turbofog! Then Dan L____ grabs the mic to field more questions about the new Standard, and dish out what it’s been like testing with his team of KYT, Lucas Siow, and Pascal Maynard. Dan’s thoughts on UR Twin’s place in the current Modern metagame. Jeremey took his old faithful [card]Restore Balance[/card] to a Modern tournament, and then played a sealed PPTQ the next day. How core set cards like [card]Celestial Flare[/card] can help illustrate the intricacies of the combat phase. Jay had a very successful first Origins draft with BG Elves, and explains what cards he had in his deck that help make this an archetype worth drafting. The Evo Street Fighter finals this past weekend, and how that relates to Magic. Scotty reviews a few neat apps for Android, MTGO Calendar and the Ultimate MtG Life Counter.

**WARNING – this podcast may contain rude, crude, & lewd content. Listener discretion is advised.**

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